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Name: Kasimir
Description: I'm Kasimir, a cat, and live here in the north of Germany, directly at the Baltic Sea. But this doesn't mean I just love the sea, but also mountains etc. I hope to see a lot of countries and citys. I love the color yellow, like the sun. And also want to hear and read a lot of different languages. So, I hope for a beautiful trip and come safe home one day.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2009-07-07
Height (cm): 17
Weight (g): 130

Life Missions: [4 out of 4 complete]:
Complete: see as most countries and citys as possible
Complete: read and hear a lot of different languages
Complete: visit Asia
Complete: come home safe one day

Mentor: Krummel
Hosted by: Clemy hanachan MamiTig Chloe09


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