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Name: Ivo
Description: Ivo is a little, grey bear. He likes to meet new people around the world! He is very active and wants to see and do a lot. Specially some typical things of a country and world-famous places. But anything will be an huge adventure for him :) Ivo likes: party's, being outside, animals, music, sun, snow, movies, cocktails, bowling and friends
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2010-11-21
Height (cm): 7
Weight (g): --

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Ride in a rollercoaster!
Incomplete: Guest at a wedding
Incomplete: Climb a mountain
Incomplete: Be on a groupphoto with more then 10 people
Incomplete: Celebrate Christmas at a sunny place

Mentor: EllenNL
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