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ToyVoyager Profile: Little Sophie

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Name: Little Sophie
Description: Hello, My name is Sophie. I am 6.5 inches tall ( 16 cm) and I love to travel. I wish my mummie could take me around the world, but she doesn't like to fly. So I travel in an envelope and I need someone to look after me since I'm so small. Besides traveling I like adventurs, animals and shopping. I come with a sleepingbag, thin notebook and pen, I would appreciate it, if you write down my adventures ( I can write mezelf, but the pens are just to big for me). You can also put in stickers, pictures, anything you want. Let have some fun adventures to gether. Who would like to host me?
Birthday: 1986-06-25
Height (cm): 16
Weight (g): 20

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Travel the world
Complete: France
Incomplete: USA
Incomplete: Canada
Incomplete: Netherlands

Mentor: quivive
Hosted by: littlefamilly


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