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ToyVoyager Profile: dicker Kumpel

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Name: dicker Kumpel
Description: Hello, I am a friendly Bunny and want to stay with RikeH. Because there are often guests here, I want to welcome these ToyVoyagers at home and have fun with them. I have my own website now - visit me on www.dickerkumpel.de
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2009-06-14
Height (cm): 12
Weight (g): 40

Life Missions: [3 out of 4 complete]:
Incomplete: Welcome at least one TV from every continent. (5/6)
Complete: Welcome 5 other bunnys. (5/5)
Complete: Be the host for 20 TVs. (20/20)
Complete: Enjoy my life as a TV.

Mentor: RikeH
Hosted by: HoBi ScillyHH


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