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ToyVoyager Profile: Horny Haggis

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Name: Horny Haggis
Description: Hi, I am horny Haggis The Hairy Coo. I am tiny and lovely bull from bonnie Scotland. I am a bit tired of this rain and mist. My mam said I could see the world and sun. i'd also like to see spooky places like ghosthouses, cemeteries, castles and ruins. I also love colorful gardens and sea/rivers. I am a bit shy, and I am too scared to be alone. So, please, don't send my 'to the wilderness'. I'd like to travel from host to host by post.
Height (cm): 12
Weight (g): 50

Life Missions: [0 out of 3 complete]:
Incomplete: See as many cemetaries and spooky places as possible
Incomplete: See different kind of gardens
Incomplete: Spend time along water, like river or sea

Mentor: Wyrdwood
Hosted by: samsmith621


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