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Name: Bokkie
Description: Bokkie is a somewhat shy but sweet natured little Springbuck (better known as a Springbok, not to be confused with a World Cup winning rugby team). You need to keep a close eye on her as she is very fond of leaping and can clear 3.5 m, and can reach speeds of 90 km/hr, bounding 15 metres in a single leap. I am hoping that travelling helps her become more confident and outgoing.
Birthday: 2008-03-25
Height (cm): 24
Weight (g): 80

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: To make a daisy chain in a beautiful field.
Incomplete: To throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, Rome.
Incomplete: To kiss the Blarney stone.
Incomplete: To travel on a cruise ship.
Incomplete: To fill all the pages in my passport.

Mentor: MrsC
Hosted by: magicwoman fam-united olgamaus Eryah magickzzl


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