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ToyVoyager Profile: Pinky Bear

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Name: Pinky Bear
Description: I'm a friendly bear, originally from Chesterfield, England. I want to stay clean and if you see, that I'm dirty, please be careful and help me to get myself clean again. I love to see animals and because I grew up watching my first owner drawing animals, I also love to see drawings and to draw myself.
Birthday: 2005-12-29
Height (cm): 11
Weight (g): 30

Life Missions: [1 out of 4 complete]:
Complete: see typical African animals
Incomplete: get to know fairy tales of each country
Incomplete: meet real bears
Incomplete: meet Coco and Chiara again

Mentor: Fasamapera
Hosted by: MrsC aleoliva86 fam-united minnihiiru vickygr Gizalba Julie Hansen


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