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Name: Jimbo Elephant
Description: I'm Jimbo Elephant and I live in Orange, New South Wales Australia. I hope to see the world throughout my life and have a lot of pictures with really amazing things. My mom would love to travel, but sadly she can't travel as easily as I can. But I should be very easy to pack and send onto my next destination. I'm very excited to see the world. I'm a little grey elephant that has big pink ears and I'm really soft and light, with a very cute trunk which I'm a bit self conscious of sometimes. :-) But that's okay... I'm sure you'll make me feel welcome where ever I go. :-)
Birthday: 2004-09-17
Height (cm): 21 (standing) 14 (si
Weight (g): 30 (at the very most

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: See All The Worlds Oceans (1/5)
Incomplete: See Two Separate Wonders Of The World and Play In The Snow
Complete: See Real Elephants
Incomplete: Visit Africa and See A Real Desert
Incomplete: Collect Postcards From All Of My Travels For My Mommy

Mentor: sararingham
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