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Name: Trudi
Description: Hello! My name is Trudi and I am already 4 years old. I'm a little green, hairy hippo and 6 cm tall. Despite the fact that I'm a hippo I don't weight much and am very light. Together with my mommy I visited England and Denmark and now I want to see the rest of the world and find a lot of friends. I'm really curious to get to know new people, languages, to taste foreign food and maybe I can find a nice hippo boy.... I would like to travel with my small diary to write down my adventures, collect my pictures and souvenirs. I hope to find a lot of nice people to stay with who show me a lot of their town and country. Hope to hearing from you soon!!!! Yours, little Trudi
Birthday: 2003-03-31
Height (cm): 6
Weight (g): 25

Life Missions: [0 out of 4 complete]:
Incomplete: See the whole world
Incomplete: Meet nice people
Incomplete: Find a nice Hippo Boy
Incomplete: Complete my diary

Mentor: Mizzery
Hosted by: panienka gingermuggins


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