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Name: Brontus
Description: Hello world, This is Brontus, a Libra-born dinosaur. I've seen my friend Mia reading a book entitled "the History of Architecture" has lots of images in it. I fell in love with historic site then, dream to see them by myself. I also wish I could have meals with my host, I'm a real foodie. Oh it would be great to visit local nature museum. I can't wait to take photo with my primeval relatives! Will you host me? Cheers!
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2009-10-11
Height (cm): 4.6
Weight (g): 7

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Go To Visit Cathedrals (0/7)
Incomplete: Have Chrismas Feasts (0/7)
Incomplete: Celebrate St.Patrick's Day in Ireland
Complete: Visit Relatives at Nature Museum
Incomplete: Watch Sunrise in Snowy Forest

Mentor: goomymia
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