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Name: Lieselotte
Description: Hello! My name is Lieselotte. I was given to my mummy as a Christmas present some years ago. I spent my whole life so far on a shelf. Now I want to see more of the world! As I'm very dear to my mummy I won't be travelling in envelopes, but stay with mummy and accompany her whenever she goes on an adventure. :)
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2005-12-20
Height (cm): 23
Weight (g): 90

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Visit Scotland.
Incomplete: Attend 5 postcrossing meetings. [2/5]
Incomplete: Visit a zoo 5 times. [0/5]
Incomplete: Meet 5 other TVs and show them around. [2/5]
Incomplete: Celebrate all major holidays together with my mummy. :)

Mentor: -[Dino]-
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