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Name: Jiaojiao
Description: Hello, I'm Jiaojiao, this is my mum's Chinese name. I on my mum behalf go to travel, she is 26 years old and have never been to any other country. So this is a beautiful way, all photos and travel is a big surprise! Mom registered an account in here, hope can see more beautiful world! I can fold and I'm not heavy. :)
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2013-03-16
Height (cm): 22
Weight (g): 32

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: European art, museums, concert halls, churches, theater, school, cinema
Incomplete: featured buildings, tourist attractions, Disneyland, Welcome sign of each country
Incomplete: Around the world in the post office, postbox, telephone booth, subway station, lighthouse, train sta
Incomplete: family life, diet, farm, go riding, go skiing, go fishing, F1 car racing, see wild animal zoo and so
Incomplete: with many people of different countries take photos.

Mentor: Monachu
Hosted by: cocoaby hanachan


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