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ToyVoyager Profile: Fluffy Snuffle

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Name: Fluffy Snuffle
Description: Hi! :) My name is Fluffy Snuffle. But all my friends call my just Fluffy. That's because I'm reaaaally FLUFFY! That's why I love all fluffy things! ♥ I'm a really cute & fluffy rat! So don't panic, I'm just sooo lovely! Even my mentor is saying that all the time! ♥(Well, she has no other chance.) I'm very friendly and funny, too! You can have lots of fun with me! \(^o^)/
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2011-06-04
Height (cm): 6
Weight (g): 10

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Send postcards home
Incomplete: Travelling to "Macchu Picchu"
Incomplete: Visiting "Stone Henge"
Incomplete: Learning a bit Japanese
Incomplete: Watching an anime movie in a japanese cinema

Mentor: Chinxize
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