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Name: Yuma
Description: Hello world, that was hard work to convince my mom let me go. She do not want to lose me yet. But I am an adventurous moose. I want to see the whole world. A good friend brought me as a gift from Jasper (Canada) to my mom. And that's why I'd like to see Canada again. I'm totally uncomplicated. I eat anything, I drink everything. I like the sun and snow, mountains and sea. I love music as much as the silence and big cities like small villages. If you want to show me a part of your life, send a PM to my mom. I'm waiting eagerly. Yuma
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2008-03-27
Height (cm): 11
Weight (g): 20

Life Missions: [3 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: reach my second host
Incomplete: see Canada
Complete: see a sunset on a beach
Complete: meet another moose
Incomplete: eat 10 different Pasta 2/10

Mentor: Jasper
Hosted by: Ravyna mcdaniels stefan-c Wokie AbbeyV Tatterdemalion lapislazuli QuarkoSaurusRex aniaiola stanley06


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