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Name: little T.B.
Description: Hello to the world, my name is little T.B. and I am a Toyvoyager! :D I'm always in a good mood, I smile all the time, I like having fun and fooling around and I enjoy it very much to make others laugh. :D I lived on my Mom's shelf right next to the TV for quite a while. And now it's about time to go and see all the places in reality that I just saw through the screen before. I can't wait! Haha :o>
Gender: Male
Height (cm): 9
Weight (g): 55-60

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... a item of clothing for me (sweater, vest, pants...)
Incomplete: Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... accessories for me (hat, scarf, bag...)
Incomplete: Meet at least 10 other TVís in 10 different places and play a fun game with them. 1/10
Incomplete: Have fun/play in the snow and build a snowman (or so)
Incomplete: Have fun/play in the sand and build a castle (or so)

Mentor: Susie's
Hosted by: olgamaus dani_claudia Schlafschaf Miche sneakysnail


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