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Name: MiniMarshmallow
Description: Hi, I'm Mini Marshmallow, or you can just call me Marshmallow. Some people also call me Marshy, I'm not fussy! I'm from Hertfordshire in the UK, a few miles north of London. I'm very excited to begin my travels. My mum's always loved travelling, but now she has two other young children, she doesn't get to travel the world much nowadays. I like my food, as you can see from my life missions. I hope you'll be able to help me complete them! I hope to be able to send my mum some postcards or maybe some traditional recipes from around the world. Maybe I'll make it back home someday too, but until then I'm looking forward to experiencing lots of amazing things on my travels.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2010-07-02
Height (cm): 13
Weight (g): 69

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: To learn Japanese
Incomplete: Join in 20 traditional festivals (4/20 complete)
Incomplete: Make a pizza in Italy
Incomplete: Eat marshmallows in 10 different countries (1/10 completed)
Complete: Eat 50 traditional homecooked meals (3/50 completed)

Mentor: Thomisa
Hosted by: olgamaus Chloe09 MamiTig


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