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Name: Little Tex
Description: I'm an armadillo! I am dark brown with grey stripes on my body. Many of my cousins live in South America and Mexico, but we've moved north too, and you can see me and my armadillo friends all over Texas. My owner lives in Austin, Texas, USA. She loves to travel and make new friends just like I do! I'm bringing a little notebook with me for you to make notes in, paste ticket stubs or other little momentos in, etc. I don't have any major goals or plans for my voyage -- I just want to hang out with you for a little while and see the place where you live and where you like to visit. Thanks very much for helping me along! -- Little Tex
Birthday: 2008-02-22
Height (cm): 10
Weight (g): 61

Life Missions: [0 out of 2 complete]:
Incomplete: To see the world and make new friends!
Incomplete: To go to a cafe with everyone.

Mentor: rothko
Hosted by: channi Apperveilchen ChristinaB inkie1010


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