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Name: Batgirl
Description: Hello! My name is Batgirl~! I am a spunky night-owl (err.... bat..... no, bear.... huh?). Some people say I'm overly emotional, and a super jumpy being (but that's just my lighting-fast reflexes). I am spontaneous to the max! I am a lover of hugs and laughter. Family and friends are most important to me. <3 I'm not always such a softie..... I'm also a SUPER HERO! I'm a crime fighter who stands for justice. I won't rest until there is peace and safety for all! I am Batgirl-- hear me ROAR!
Gender: Female
Birthday: 1987-06-11
Height (cm):
Weight (g):

Life Missions: [3 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Visit a Police Station/Fight crime
Complete: Eat pasta in 3 different countries (2/3)
Incomplete: Help write a novel
Incomplete: Read Dr. Seuss with other Toy Voyagers
Complete: Visit (and play) on 5 different playgrounds (2/5)

Mentor: Jillyfish
Hosted by: Blackie Lizzy Guest beelicious Biggi -[Dino]-


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