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Name: Jessie
Description: I came to Lucy on her 16th Birthday along with Woody, Buzz and Rex. We live on her shelf in her bedroom. Bullseye and myself have decided that we want to see the world and have adventure...we would appreciate your help! The USA and Canada are our big dreams (Canada especially) but anywhere will do!
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2011-08-16
Height (cm): 6
Weight (g): 10 (Bullseye 16g)

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Visit America
Incomplete: Visit Canada
Incomplete: Go to ten different cities (2/10)
Incomplete: Have big adventures!
Incomplete: Come back home with stories to tell (and postcards to show)

Mentor: ProfessorRiverSong
Hosted by: MySongIsLaughter


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