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ToyVoyager Profile: ThomasHH

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Name: ThomasHH
Description: ThomasHH is a friendly giraffe. He loves sports - especially watching it, and he is fond of traveling - like every ToyVoyager. He is intersted in your daily life - but would love to do some special things, too. Maybe you can help him with his life missions. Just send a PM to RikeH, if you want to host him.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2001-06-16
Height (cm): 10
Weight (g): 20

Life Missions: [2 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: Visit a baseball match.
Incomplete: Meet a real giraffe.
Complete: Ride on a cactus.
Incomplete: See the Niagara Falls.
Complete: Meet another Toyvoyager of RikeH in a foreign country.

Mentor: RikeH
Hosted by: rick0928 Sissi Bloemmie29 Katisha miss agi andlclb dzejna Vanja chekunn Fukumo lucymonty Stefisdeadgood ipuenktchen katyakatya Zandy dawoni Lisianne Apperveilchen ScillyHH smaug cocoaby blubb Battery_Star goldmoon Mouse


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