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Name: PinkyHH
Description: PinkyHH loves to try new drinks - of course without alcohol. So please show her your typical beverages. She is always interested in the News, so she would love to read your Newspapers. Maybe you can help her with the language. PinkyHH wants to see new things, so she wants to be with you as often as possible. If you want to host her, just send a PM to RikeH.
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2008-07-07
Height (cm): 7
Weight (g): 20

Life Missions: [4 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Taste new beverages in every country.
Complete: Read 10 different Newspapers. (10/10)
Incomplete: Learn the word honey in 7 different languages and post it. (5/7)
Complete: Meet other Bear-TVs.
Complete: Visit Canada.

Mentor: RikeH
Hosted by: aliah smaug firefaery Donna Balsdon thEkangaROO! vivyanhui Capeli bruehwuerfelchen Nuryko Morgaine Colinde Dangerousebeans Gizalba ven-a Olie Shilo LadyButterfly Cyn HoBi Strunki papa_always mcdaniels Emjay


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