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ToyVoyager Profile: Dottie Mouse

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Name: Dottie Mouse
Description: Dottie Mouse was a present from a good fried about two years ago. She lighted up my working hours in a law firm by sitting next to my computer screen. Now Dottie Mouse wants to see the world.
Gender: Female
Height (cm): 9
Weight (g): 30

Life Missions: [4 out of 4 complete]:
Complete: Office-mouse Dottie wants to see her hosts' workplaces
Complete: Dottie wants her hosts to show her court houses
Complete: Dottie wants to taste many varieties of cheese
Complete: She wants to meet other dotted animals

Mentor: olgamaus
Hosted by: Eryah dandilion JaymeC katjaintenerife Elayoe maelle misagan drakie MorgenSter marcie08 evaFF LittleBlogFrog smaug kcrawfish coraline La_Kate_Boheme RikeH fleursmum HoBi Grandma mmm105 Mouse


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