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ToyVoyager Profile: HelgaHH

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Name: HelgaHH
Description: HelgaHH is a little ladybird. She loves to sit next to nice flowers of course - and would love to see many nice countries. Her best friend KalliHH wants to travel too, and they would love to meet each other somewhere.
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2007-05-23
Height (cm): 7
Weight (g): 22

Life Missions: [3 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Sit next to 5 red flowers. (1/5)
Incomplete: Have a photo with a chimney sweeper.
Incomplete: Fly in a helicopter.
Complete: Sit on the top of a snowman.
Complete: Meet KalliHH somewhere in the World.

Mentor: RikeH
Hosted by: forbiddenfruits mysticsweetness annix smaug nuriayasmin olgamaus Kuschi BettyBoop RichMich Sookie SuperNurse Snamoen Reissari Jerena Jasper WingedWolf beelicious Miau:) Tatterdemalion JelloPuddin


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