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ToyVoyager Profile: Harold Giraffe

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Name: Harold Giraffe
Description: Hello! I'm Harold, I'm a rescued toyvoyager... I'm an old childrens toy that got abandoned at the salvation army. My mentor sararingham decided to give me a new lease at life and decided to send me on a voyage... I wonder where I'm going... would you like to host me? Contact my mentor!
Birthday: 2008-06-25
Height (cm): 9
Weight (g): 50

Life Missions: [1 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: See Real Giraffes In The Wild and In The Zoo
Incomplete: Tour Around Russia and Visit Famous and Historical Sites
Incomplete: Learn About Something Unique To Every Country I Visit
Incomplete: Visit My Mentors Home Town Of Seattle (Kirkland, Redmond)
Complete: Be Pictured Looking Out The Window Of An Airplane At Over 20,000 Feet

Mentor: sararingham
Hosted by: Oksana Anarivel Elayoe olgamaus Pandamao AnjaM Vanja anni iloveletters Sollie


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