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ToyVoyager Profile: Orpheus

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Name: Orpheus
Description: Hi, My name is Orpheus and I am a little canary. As my renown (and so far more famous) namesake and predecessor I am a voyager (at least I am about to become one) and a singer. I love music and singing and I hope to sing along with all my hosts, even better if I can accompany them while they play an instrument and if it something traditional of where they live. I am so talented that I can sing on any kind of music ;) Of course, I hope to come back home safe one day and not to follow the sad end of my illustrious namesake and predecessor...
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2009-05-02
Height (cm): 15
Weight (g): 40

Life Missions: [2 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Visit the Opera in Paris
Incomplete: Sing with all my hosts
Complete: Visit Canary Islands
Incomplete: Find a way to become yellow again
Incomplete: Come back home safe one day

Mentor: smaug
Hosted by: RikeH twennifer miapearl becka_kate TaisAfinskaia hanachan HoBi


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