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Name: Cassiopeia
Description: Everyone here says, that I'm a sweetie. Ok, maybe I'm a little slowly, more than all other toys in this house. But now I'm the one, that will go on a long journey too. I saw Aaron going out last week and I felt, that I would like to see far away places too and maybe meet some of my own species.
Gender: Female
Birthday: 1988-08-13
Height (cm): 25
Weight (g): 128

Life Missions: [3 out of 5 complete]:
Complete: Meet real turtles
Incomplete: Go skiing in Japan
Complete: See the Niagara Falls
Incomplete: Visit Iceland
Complete: Visit one country in Africa

Mentor: fam-united
Hosted by: yumi becka_kate Stef crizle aliah icitaiwan Min ChristinaB MrsC Lizette Oksana Nico & Siggi Pandamao AbbyB hanachan MorgenSter Leslie anxova smaug zwieback GeoCRAt MA_17 Shilo Zandy cocoaby Blackie Jasper


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