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ToyVoyager Profile: Claire Tamias

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Name: Claire Tamias
Description: Claire Tamias is a chipmunk girl. She met ToyVoyager Theodore in the municipal park. Today in the evening she was sitting on our doorstep, asking for Theodore. Theodore left today, he is travelling home. Claire was very sad but I told her that she also could travel. Hopefully she will meet Theodore again one day. Or maybe another nice chipmunk ... (She is 15 cm from nose to bum)
Gender: Female
Height (cm): 15
Weight (g): 125

Life Missions: [3 out of 4 complete]:
Complete: Travelling to at least 5 different countries.
Complete: Meet more chipmunks, maybe in a zoo.
Incomplete: Meet Theodore again.
Complete: Eat lots of nuts

Mentor: olgamaus
Hosted by: DeliciousJu -Marķa- bruehwuerfelchen Leslie pinkandgray anxova iloveletters RikeH Ravyna AbbeyV


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