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Name: Zoe
Description: My name is Zoe Huhana. My name Huhana is Maori. You can call me Zoe or Zo or whatever but not late for dinner. :) I canít wait to travel the world. Being flightless, I especially want to travel in the sky please! I also enjoy eating lots of different things Ė cause Iím an omnivore! I like bugs, worms, mushrooms, frogs, seeds, leaves, berries and Ö sweets! I also have a hankering for fish, especially crawfish. I canít wait to meet other toyvoyagers, but please donít leave me alone with a cat (I donít trust them) or with a frog (I donít trust myself Ö yum!). I donít need fancy travel. I canít get far with these wings, so toyvoyaging to your home is a big deal! (Remind my mom to give you the updating password! I think she needs lots of reminding. :))
Gender: Female
Birthday: 1998-02-03
Height (cm):
Weight (g): 94

Life Missions: [0 out of 5 complete]:
Incomplete: See the world from a plane and a helicopter. (1 of 2 ... plane Port. to Fin.)
Incomplete: Go birdwatching with binoculars.
Incomplete: Meet a host who makes a donation to www.savethekiwi.org.nz.
Incomplete: Pick special local berries in each country I visit (from the grocery store is good, too!).
Incomplete: Visit New Zealand.

Mentor: kcrawfish
Hosted by: Pixiedustlady Eohippus


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