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Travelog for: Mr.Flocki

Alkmaar, Netherlands - 14th June 2012

By: Cyn

Hi mom!!!

Today we had to say goodbye to 2 friends... PinkyHH is going home and Miffie is going on his first trip today!

So we had to say goodbye to both!



Pinky gave me a small kiss and left..


Bye PinkyHH!!

Also Miffie left.. He's going to the U.S.A. today!! How cool!




Bye Miffie, have a save trip!!

So mom, i'm only left with Hamie now!!!


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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 15th June 2012

By: Cyn

Oh mom, the weather is terrible here!! It's raining all day long!!!

So we made some pictures inside today!!

We watched the Toyvoyagers website.. It's cool to see yourself there!


Do you know, i am in Holland now.. And here in Holland everyone likes the colour orange, because it's from the national soccer team..


Oh and mom.. I miss you.. So these are for you!


Miss you!!!

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 16th June 2012

By: Cyn

Hi mom!!

Last night Cyn was at home and she wanted to do a manicure on her nails.. And i helped her!!

First i had to pick a colour! I choose lightblue, do you like it mom??


Look at it!! I think it's a nice colour!


After that i had to apply a topcoat, but that was a very big bottle it was way to heavy for me!


Cyn was very happy with the result, and i was happy that i could help her with doing her nails!


Bye mom!!

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 17th June 2012

By: Cyn

Hi mom!!!

Today Hamie and I watched the match between Holland and Portugal..  :rolleyes: Cyn likes the Dutch National Team, so we decided to support them!

Cyn likes the Dutch Team, but she has a crush on Ronaldo  B)


Look mom, it's Ronaldo there! :)

It's going to start!! We are excited to!


Cynīs crush again!



Here is the Dutch team, you can see Sneijder, Robben, Huntelaar, de Jong, van Persie, Willems, Vlaar, van der Wiel, Matthijsen, Stekelenburg and van der Vaart.



Letīs start playing!!!




The match was very interesting to watch, but.... Holland lost the match.. And they left the European Contest..  :(

That wasnīt nice news donīt you think mom??

Bye for now!

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 18th June 2012

By: Cyn

Oh mom.. Cyn is so angry!!! She was so mad because of the football, she decided to delete all the orange stuff at home..


I hope she will be happy soon again!!

The next 1,5 week i won't be updating very much, Cyn is studying for her finals so she doesn't have very mucht time to update mom!


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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 23rd July 2012

By: Cyn

Hi Mom!!

Sorry for the silence!! Cyn finally had time to send me to my next host!


Hope to update soon!!



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