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Travelog for: Ayana

Íhringen, Germany - 20th May 2012

By: Zandy

Hello everybody,

now I'm a TV, too and I hope to find a nice host fast.  :D But first I have to write some updates myself and than I hope you give me a home for some weeks (or months)

flowery greetings,


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Íhringen, Germany - 20th May 2012

By: Zandy

Hello to you!

Now I will tell you the reason why I'm a TV  :D There are two TVs at our home: Mirembe and Meav. And it was Mirembes birthday today, so mummy asked us if we would celebrete her birthday. And of course we did!


It was funny, because we didn't know us before, but the feeling was really good from the first moment on. It was if we know us for years.

Mirembe had to blow out the candle.


And of course she did.


After that we all clap in our hands, sing a lot of birthdaysongs, had some drinks and talked a lot.



At least we take a group picture with all the Mirembe-Birhday-Celebration-TVs  :D And from this party on I wanted to be a TV.


Flowery greetings to everyone,

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Íhringen, Germany - 29th May 2012

By: Zandy

Sunny greetingy to everybody!

Today my mommy and I take a little walk to take some pictures. Of course I had a lot with other flowers. I really love my sisters (and brothers). All kidn of plants are good. Flowers look nice and smell, trees give shadow, fruits and vegetables you can eat and so on. All of them are wonderful. I hope you agree with me. But enough words, now I will show you some pictures.  :D


The next picture shows the castle of Íhringen, ok that what you can see shows you.  :D


And here are some more pictures with me. The last one shows me with a lether picture of flowers. I like it!

I wish you a good night everybody!
Flowery greetings,


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Íhringen, Germany - 9th June 2012

By: Zandy

Time to say goodbye

Hey everybody,

today Mirembe and Jala leave us. Mirembe will go home and Jala goes with her.

I give the leavers some hugs and wish them all the very best for their next journeys.



It's great that the both can travel together, so they can talke to each other.  :D
And than it was time, to crawl into the envelope.


Goodbye my friends.

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Íhringen, Germany - 9th June 2012

By: Zandy

WOHOOOOOOOOO!!!! We will go on holiday! Mummy take me and my friends with her to Tenerife. I can't belive it. My first real journey.

First I checked the sunglasses, if there are ok.  B)


Than we all - that are: Meav, Hessen-Leo, Bussi and I - checked the card of Tenerife which we will take with us. We study it and also the book about Tenerife. The place we will stay is called Playa de las Americas.




Than we packed the luggage. Look here we are ready.


And at least we all jumped into mummys backpack.


But she smiled and sayd that this is to early, this night we will sleep at home and in the morning we will fly. But we all decided that it is better to sleep in the backpack, so that she can't forget us.  :D


A flowery good night @ all! We will see us in 14 days.

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Frankfurt am Main, Airport, Germany - 10th June 2012

By: Zandy

Hello all,

I hve a bad information: we lost the SD-Card with all our TVpictures  :( But mummy allowed me to take her "private" pictures to show you what I see. Of course without myself at the picture, but I will show you all the fantastic things. And at the end, you will see some pictures and videos with me, because there we had another card (this one with we had to put into the cam, because the other one was full. In our last hour in Tenerife.  :mad:)
But ok, it happens and we can't change it. But we can keep the nice things we saw in our mind.  :D

We flight from Frankfurt. Here you can see our airplane whith reflect in an bulding.


And here we are over Frankfurt. What a nice view!


An here, look how great it is over the clouds. We sang the song "▄ber den Wolken" together. It was funny!


So this are the first pictures. More will come soon after prepairing them for uploading.  :rolleyes:

flowery greetings,

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