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Travelog for: Mr. Carrot

Erfurt, Germany - 1st November 2011

By: Dedda

Mr. Carrot wants to see the world...and he hopefully will  B)

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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 14th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hello Dedda!

I arrived safely in Austria today. :)
Ulysses is currently also hosting a ToyVoyager named Teddy Roosevelt. He's very friendly and he wanted to know very much about me and my hometown.

Guess what they had to eat this day... Carrot soup! Oh golly, this ain't good. :thinking:

But instead of eating this cannibal soup I got a piece of cake :)
That's much better.

I feel a bit tired after the long journey... I'm going to listen to music and try to sleep a while.

See you tomorrow!
With many hugs
Mr. Carrot

DSCF0028 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0026 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0027 (Kopie).JPG

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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 15th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hey at home! :)

Today Ulysses had school until 5 o'clock, so I played with Teddy Roosevelt most of the time :)
He is a very nice guy.

I think I will stay out of the kitchen, they eat waaay too much vegetables.  ;)

Tomorrow we're gonna go outside for a while, I really want to see the city and the outskirts of Ried!

We wish you a good night.
Mr. Carrot :)

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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 17th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hello! :)

Wow, it's sooo cold outside! I was so glad to get inside after the walk!

I'm very sorry for Teddy Roosevelt because he has to leave again tomorrow... Oh, I will miss him... 
But well. :) There are so many other animals I can play with, it's gonna be great after all!

Today I have some photos again too.

Good evening!

Mr. Carrot

DSCF0045 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0047 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0049 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0043 (Kopie).JPG

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Brainstorm Fields, Austria - 19th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hello Mum!

Today I got invited to Vienna! So I'm gonna see the capital of Austria too! :)
My next host also seems to be a very nice person!

Now I will help Ulysses with her math homework, she has a test on Monday... Oh god I'm so glad carrots don't have to go to school.

I guess I will be sent away next week.

What I really like here is the beautiful decoration! Christmas seems to be far away but it's just a bit more than a month!

Kind regards :)

Mr. Mag. Carrot, MSc

DSCF0050 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0053 (Kopie).JPG

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At School, Austria - 21st November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Good evening, mum!

Today I went to school with Ulysses and it was great fun! In the morning we went for a walk (it was freakin' cold outside and foggy as hell!) with Ulysses' classmates.
Unfortunately we forgot the camera, so we couldn't take any pictures... I'll tell you, it was so wonderful! The sunlight was flowing gently through the fog and you could see the moon on the other side.

After the walk they had math test and I had to be quiet all the time... Good thing it soon was over again.

The next lesson was held in another room and I couldn't be with them (I ate Ulysses' lunch in the meantime).

French and geography were pretty awesome! We talked about London and how to travel by tube.
And I've also learned some french words: eat=manger, work=travailler, want=vouloir and maaany more. :)

What I liked best today was the dinner though  :p
We had noodles with spinach and cheese.

I am going to sleep now, good night everyone at home!

Best wishes
Mr. Carrot

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Post Office Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 26th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Helloooo Mum!  :)

So, I've been sent to Vienna today! I'm sorry for not posting an update the last days... Ulysses had much to do for school and of course she has to help me with the Travelog!

I'm looking forward to visiting Vienna, I've heard you can see great sights there!

With best wishes

Mr. Carrot

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christmastown vienna, austria - 6th December 2011

By: Glubschi

Yoho, guess who's back! Mr carrot is here and I'm gonna rock this house! I crawled out of my box in vienna and landed in a dirty apartment, great start. It was my host Moe's apartment, who then showed me and the gang (which is a Lama and a moose) the worldfamous, fabulous, incredibly awesome^1000, fantastic and...superlicious Christkindlmarkt at the Rathausplatz in vienna. Pretty beautiful here, full of lights (and tourists) everywhere, looked like some sort of Las Vegas, just the austrian version...Las vienna. I was pretty blown away when I saw vienna's city hall, it was gigantic! I mean, it was...a mountain, it was godzilla, a planet, just BOOM, big, wow. Pfuh. I felt really, really small that moment. And I am already so small, I mean, I'm a carrot!
However, usually the city hall is an advent calender during this time, so that everyday a window of the buidling opens, showing a painting. This year this stupid mayor cancelled it, sadly. But at least there was a lot of Punsch and Glühwein, yay! :p


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christkindlmarkt, austria - 6th December 2011

By: Glubschi

Here we're with our first austrian POWERpunsch, apple-cinnamon-flavour with a lot of alcohol, incredibly delicious! The other TVs (Lama with hat and Horscht the moose) and me shared one cup, 'cause it was more than enough for all of us...as you can see. You do stupid things when you're drunk.  :rolleyes: Some time later we found ourselves sitting around in a christmas tree, I don't remember how I got there, but we're all ok and it was a hell of a fun-night!  :p

rathaus 05.jpg
rathaus 06.jpg
rathaus 07.jpg
rathaus 11.jpg
rathaus 12.jpg

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Stephansplatz vienna, austria - 24th December 2011

By: Glubschi

Whoopaloop, today's christmas! So we went to Stephansplatz (but not before Moe gave me a cute little cap, so that I don't get a cold or something. I like that cap. I think I'll keep it if Moe allows. :p) to take a look at the great christmas tree (which has a really great resemblence to me in this picture, don't you think so?) there. Actually it looked pretty boring and unoriginal...but it was BIIIG, so who cares. :p But me and the gang celebrated at home, was a nice evening. Moe showed us how to make peppercakes, and as a result of too much eggnogg and our incredible baking-skills we created awesome stuff: A luxury peppercake villa, a luxury peppercake-chocolate-swimming-pool with an even more luxury peppercake yacht in it and a peppercake pyramide. We're the best. B) Well actually we made more, a peppercake pacman, a peppercake camel and peppercake tetris block, but we ate them all. Haha, now I see the irony of eating pacman, cause he' always eating this white balls and...no, it's not funny anymore, it was funny when it was in my head. Sorry for that.

Anyways. Where was I? What was I talking about? About rabbits? No, don't think so. But I like rabbits, they are cute. Or, no, I don't like rabbits. Most of them try to eat me. Good there weren't any rabbits there for christmas. Peppercake yachts and villas are better than rabbits anyway, I guess. Hm. Oh, yeah, christmas. Was a great night. :D


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Moe's dirty apartment, austria - 24th December 2011

By: Glubschi

And not to forget the great inflatable christmas tree we had. :p Much more impressive than the big one on Stephansplatz.

christmas tree.JPG

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still Moe's apartment, austria - 31st December 2011

By: Glubschi

Here it is now, the year of the Maya apocalypse, so we should party hard before the world ends.  :p The evening started with a nice cheese fondue with a LOT of wine in it, was enough to knock out a small carrot like me. But that would have been MUCH too early, I waited for the real booze.  ;) I mean, getting drunk because of a fondue, that's a bit wrong. But obviously not wrong enough for Moe, he was finished before the evening was.

We got a bunch of fireworks as you can see on the picture (sadly, we had bigger ones, but we fired them before taking the pic. We forgot about it. :( ), well, 'fireworkies', as those are the little ones. But it was enough for us, especially as we had a great firework-view from where we were. Gave us an impression of how it will look the world will end this year.  :p And damn, the big gang picture of me and my friends with the booze in the background was the last moment we were all still able to walk upright. Crazy night, but it was great.  :D


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