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To visit Red Square and St.Basil's Cathedral in Moscow

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Travelog for: Lucy the sheep

Moscow, Russia - 10th July 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
This weekend we’ve visited Kremlin!
Wow, I think, I should come to Moscow again, because it is such a wonderful place and has such an interesting history! My host thought that I should know everything about it, but of course, now I can remember only a small part.  ;)
You can see, first we were standing in a small queue near the white Kutafja Tower (from the word “fat clumsy woman”) and had a chance to take photos on the swallows’ tail – they are situated on each access road of Kremlin.
And the Troitskaya Tower - the tallest tower of the Moscow Kremlin. Its current height on the side of the Alexander Garden together with the star is 80 m. Today, the gate of the tower is the main visitors' entrance into the Kremlin. And the view is so beautiful!
Here you can see the Kremlin Senate, a building within the grounds of the Kremlin. Initially constructed from 1776–1787, it originally housed the Moscow branch of the Governing Senate, the highest judiciary and legislative office of Imperial Russia. Currently, it houses the Russian presidential administration and is a highly secured and restricted area closed to the public. At present, only the southern corner façade, opposite the Tsar Cannon can be viewed.

Then we saw the most interesting exhibits of this museum – the Tsar-Bell and the Tsar-Cannon.  :o
The Tsar-Bell was made of bronze and it is currently the largest bell in the world, weighing 201,924 kilograms, with a height of 6.14 metres and diameter of 6.6 metres, and thickness of up to 61 centimetres. The bell is decorated with relief images of baroque angels, plants, oval medallions with saints, and nearly life-size images of Empress Anna and Tsar Alexey. Unfortunately, before the last ornamentation was completed, a major fire broke out at the Kremlin in May 1737. The fire spread to the temporary wooden support structure for the bell, and fearing damage, guards threw cold water on it, causing eleven cracks, and a huge (11.5 tons) slab to crack off. The broken piece weighs 11,500 kilograms, you can compare it with the crowd around – it’s as tall as a man! Some people believe that on Judgement Day, it will be miraculously repaired and lifted up to heaven, where it will ring the blagovest (call to prayer).  :)
The Tsar-Cannon was cast in 1586 in Moscow, by the Russian master bronze caster Andrey Chokhov. Mostly of symbolic impact, it was never fired in war. Per the Guinness Book of Records it is the largest bombard by caliber in the world. The very low ratio between its calibre and the length of its barrel makes it technically not a cannon, but a stylized mortar. The Tsar Cannon weighs 39.312 tones and has a length of 5.34 m. Its bronze-cast barrel has a diameter of 890 mm, and an external diameter of 1,200 mm. The spherical cast-iron projectiles located in front of the cannon - each of which weighs 1.97 tons, were produced in 1834 as a decoration.  :cyclops:
Then you can see The Ivan the Great Bell Tower - the tallest of the towers in the Moscow Kremlin complex, with a total height of 81 metres. It was built in 1508 for the Russian Orthodox cathedrals in Cathedral Square, which do not have their own belfries, and is said to mark Moscow's precise geographic centre. The Ivan the Great Bell Tower today contains 22. Of these, 18 small bells hang in the base and in the middle of the bell tower. Of the four large bells, one is named the Upsenskij Bell, and weighs 65.5 tons. It rings traditionally among the largest religious festivals such as Easter, and was made in the early 16th century.
Next building with great triangle golden roof and domes is The Cathedral of the Annunciation (Blagoveschensky sobor). It was originally the personal chapel for the Muscovite tsars, and its abbot remained a personal confessor of the Russian royal family until the early 20th century. Compared with the other major Kremlin cathedrals, the Annunciation Cathedral has slightly smaller dimensions. It is also built in a more traditional style, as it was created by local architects from Pskov, rather than Italian expatriate architects. The most characteristic feature of the building is its nine golden domes, and roof with rich kokoshnik ornamentation in an ogive form.  :stare:
This beautiful cathedral with frescos is The Cathedral of the Dormition (Uspensky sobor). The Cathedral is regarded as the mother church of Muscovite Russia. In its present form it was 1475-79 at the behest of the Moscow Grand Duke Ivan III by the Italian architect Aristotele Fioravanti. From 1547 to 1896 it is where the Coronation of the Russian monarch was held. In addition, it is the burial place for most of the Moscow Metropolitans and Patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. However, one of the most important cult images of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Theotokos of Vladimir kept at the Cathedral from 1395-1919 is now at the Tretyakov Gallery. Near the south entrance to the Cathedral is the Monomach Throne of Ivan IV (1551).

Verkhospassky Cathedral with eleven small golden domes was constructed by tsar Michael Fedorovichem in 1635-1636. From this temple the ladder conducted to a seigniorial platform where decrees, orders of the tsar were read to boyars, and the tsar presented boyars and near people birthday pies. Divine services in it aren't made. :(
The Cathedral of the Archangel is a Russian Orthodox church dedicated to the Archangel Michael. It was the main necropolis for members of the Tsars of Russia until the relocation of the capital to St. Petersburg. It was constructed between 1505 and 1508 under the supervision of an Italian architect Aleviz Fryazin Noviy on the spot of an older cathedral, built in 1333.
The Grand Kremlin Palace was built from 1837 to 1849 on the site of the estate of the Grand Princes, which had been established in the 14th century on Borovitsky Hill. Designed by a team of architects under the management of Konstantin Thon, it was intended to emphasize the greatness of Russian autocracy. The Grand Kremlin Palace was formerly the tsar's Moscow residence. Thon's palace is 125 meters long, 47 meters high, and has a total area of about 25,000 square meters. It includes the earlier Terem Palace, nine churches from the 14th, 16th, and 17th centuries, the Holy Vestibule, and over 700 rooms. Now it carries out a role of smart president residence of Russia. Important nation-wide ceremonials pass in its halls, such as delivery of the state awards or credentials. You can see that big national flag is lowered on the spike. It means that Russian president is out now, but he could come back every minute!  :p

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Moscow, Russia - 17th July 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today we went to the concert of my host’s favorite Russian folk rock band “Melnitsa” – “Windmill”.  :) It was founded in 1999 by Natalia "Hellawes" O'Shea and Alexey "Chus" Sapkov around the remnants of a local folk band 'Till Eulenspiegel'.
The band fuses Russian, Irish and other North European folk influences with guitar pop/rock. Natalia "Hellawes" O'Shea, the lead singer and primary songwriter, is an academic and a specialist in medieval European languages and cultures by day. Her expertise lends the typically complex fantasy-laden lyrics a degree of authenticity. Texts are based on national (Russian, Celtic, Scandinavian, Balkan), and also medieval ballads and legends.
Well, photos are not so good, but I have a lot of fun!  :cyclops:
In the beginning it was necessary to defend huge queue in Arena-Moscow club.
Inside there was too many people therefore we appeared far from a scene. But look, what a beautiful light show!  B)

We could buy T-shirts and posters with symbolics of group, jewelry in celtic style and many musical instruments.
I couldn't make satisfactory photos of me and singer of the group, but it is impossible to ignore, such an authentic look.  ;)
My host asked me to give references to songs of "Windmill" - I don't know, is it legal? I hope if it is impossible – somebody will send me a message  :cyclops:. This group has not official clips, therefore these videos are fans’.
This song is called "Werewolf". It is about a soldier who lost his peace. He hears whisper from a door on the street - it urges to leave doubts, to release an internal animal to freedom. Thus, the soldier has a girlfriend who cries and asks him to remain. But most likely, he won't obey.

This song is called "Dragon", it tells us about a dragon.  :p Now he is very old and lies, protecting a treasure. Shine of gold reminds him of his darling who died many years ago. And he starts to dream of the country very far away, where still live his majestic relatives, the most beautiful beings of the World! But some heroes feast in a palace and they are going to kill the dragon - till Christmas.

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Moscow, Russia - 24th July 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today my host took me into bowling! Oh, I’ve never visit it before, I hope, it would be fun!
First of all, look, what an amazing building it is! Everybody can understand that there is something exciting inside  :cyclops:
Which ball should I choose? Mmmm... I will take the pink one!
Let's aim…  :stare:
Come on, little ball!!
I can't understand, am I winning or not?
I am sure that I won!  B) And therefore it is necessary to celebrate! Traditional Russian food... oh, no, it isn’t cooked here. Well, sushi then? How can I pick them up...
And let’s drink a cranberry mojito. Looks great.  ;)
In this building there is an excellent desktop hockey. I will beat you, Lucy!
And while we are here, I can ride in a car. Speed-up, speed-up!!  :o

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Moscow, Russia - 5th August 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
My host tells me that now it’s time to leave Russia.  :thinking: Well, she said, we spent fantastic days together, but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. She gave me some presents, so I’ll not be boring in my travelling. Farewell, Russia!  :(
Of course, I’m kidding!!  :cyclops: Me and my host are going on holidays to Turkey!  :stare: We’ll have amazing tan, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, eat a lot af fruits and have fun!  B) My host tells me that she is too tired (she found a new job 3 month ago and she is working  there like a slave), so this time no excursions, no running, just sleeping on the beach and drinking cocktails.  ;) We are going to be there till Sunday, so wait for message from me  :D

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Moscow, Russia - 21st August 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Now the day has come when I and my host are going to the airport! It is the new small terminal of the Sheremetyevo airport and in spite of the fact that my host already about 20 times was the abroad; she flies for the first time from this terminal! In my opinion, it isn't very convenient yet - few seats for the rest, only two cafes. :thinking: But you can't stop the progress, of course! http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n505/dangerousebeans/Lucy/Turkey/Sheremetyevo/3-1.jpg
As it is necessary to come to the airport in 3 hours (mother of my host very cautious person and always is afraid to be late) what shall we do before the departure? To eat, of course! Here, the last time we will try a traditional borsch and Russian salad. Now it is possible to fly. B)
Oh, when people will understand, what it is wrong to take water in the airport, because it can't be taken out? Well, why to bring 1-liter bottles? :o
At last our plane arrived. It looks impressively, isn't it? And the luggage is brought there!
Ladies and gentlemen, please, fasten your belts, the plane prepares for take-off! :D
Finally, we are in our hotel in Turkey. Its name is MegaSaray. Very amusing fact: in Turkish, Saray means a palace. Whereas in Russian Saray means a barn. My host laughed a lot, when she chose the hotel! ;)

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Megasaray, Turkey - 1st September 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today we decided to play tennis together! Certainly, not at afternoon, when the sun is so hot, but early in the morning - perfect!
Rackets and balls can be taken free on a reception. I decided to play with CandyFloss - in my opinion, he is a very bad tennis player.  ;)
I extremely liked this rest spot - there is an automat with tea, coffee and coca-cola, convenient chairs, a fine look and THE TREE GROWS DIRECTLY THROUGH THE ROOF. Minus 10 to protection against a rain, but plus 20 to originality  :cyclops:
So, I am ready to begin the game!!!!!  B)
I even have a team of fans. It is a pity that I didn't manage to make ribbons with my name.  :rolleyes:
Oh, we are soooooooo tired... I agree for a draw.
Let's drink on a glass  Coca-Cola to celebrate the beginning of my sports career!  :p

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Megasaray, Turkey - 2nd September 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Today I want to describe you amazing Mediterranean Sea. To swim there is a real pleasure. Water is very warm, sun is hot, people are polite and pleasant  :D
The best pastime - to lie, sunbathe, get a tan and drink cocktails!
I like to build sand castles, there are many shells for an ornament on a beach    :)
Mother of my host helps me to float on a rubber ring because I am very small and can fall in a hole  :o
Nearby in the sea there is a floating platform where it is possible to climb up, take a rest and sunbathe. And during a storm it's very cheerful to drive!
The fantastic pier is on a beach. There are trees, plank beds, mattresses and chairs on it.
So soft and convenient!  :cyclops:
Also there are lifebuoys - if somebody needs help. Don't worry, while I am here, everybody are in safety  B)
And surely flags - Turkish one, hotel's one and the guarding organization's one
If you got hungry - there is a small and free cafe with a buffet on a beach. Can you imagine, it is possible to sit and admire the sea and eat a lunch! But  I will tell you about food next time, this subject simply can't be passed!  ;)


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Megasaray, Turkey - 2nd September 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Let’s speak about food. Really, I can’t count how many times we could eat during a day.  :stare:
First of all - a breakfast. It passes in the central restaurant with a buffet. Here something easy is served - cheeses, salads, eggs, sausages. For children there is a pizza. It’s really funny that when you choose a piece of cheese – there are no names on cards (like Camembert, Roquefort, Blue). They are called round, square, rectangular – by the way they were sliced.  :cyclops:



Closer to the noon we went to drink coffee in a small coffee house. There is a conditioner; it is pleasant to sit in a cool. It is possible to take liqueur or a cake with coffee, to read the book in silence.  :rolleyes:
It’s still the whole hour till a dinner, so it is time to have a bite! Especially it’s important for children - they shouldn't start to complain! Here is a decision - a hamburger with a potato in the open dining room.
It is possible to have dinner at the central restaurant and at restaurant on a beach. But I’ve already wrote about it, so I pass to snacks.
I understood that I adore Gözleme - a savoury traditional Turkish handmade and hand-rolled (right behind you) pastry. Fresh pastry is rolled out, filled and sealed, then cooked over a griddle.
The name derives from the Turkish word göz meaning eye. Traditionally, this is done on a sac. Gözleme varieties in this hotel include: spinach, minced meat, cheese, potatoes and sugar. And from drinks ayran best of all approaches with it. Ayran or laban is a cold beverage of yogurt mixed with cold water and sometimes salt.

The next snack before a dinner - a doner kebab or shawarma, as my host called it. Shawarma is a meat preparation, where lamb, chicken, beef or mixed meats are placed on a spit (commonly a vertical spit), and may be grilled for as long as a day. Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, and the remainder of the block of meat is kept heated on the rotating spit.

Hurrah, the dinner began! In time, because I just got hungry!  :D Let’s go in the central restaurant!


There is usually an entertaining show for children near a bar in the evening. I am not the big fan of such shows but what prevents me to have a bite of candyfloss?  ;)
It’s absolutely dark already therefore we go on a reception to drink cocktail. What a beautiful place! And how it is possible not to give tip to such a charming waiter? Have a good night!  ;)



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Megasaray, Turkey - 3rd September 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Today I want to tell you about the most amazing part of our hotel, that I like most of all. But firstly, let me remember you, where we are.
It is obvious that this sign is created in order that everybody will take photo. Hardly imagine that you wake up in the morning and can't remember, where you are; then go to walk, see this sign and tell yourself: wow, I’m in Megasaray!  B)
Here is a hotel plan. As you can see, there is the central multistoried building and many small bungalows. We live in the central building; there is a very convenient road from there to a beach.
Plus, so lovely pictures are hanged on walls. Aren’t they sweet?
But I distracted. The most beautiful things in our hotel are pools! You saw on the plan, there are a lot of them and they are absolutely different!
The first and the biggest one - central. It consists of several parts. It is possible to swim here quietly. We came at sunrise, when there are no people and I can swim for a while on a rubber circle with my pleasure. So peaceful, I like to dream...  :rolleyes:
The water park with three tubes is in other part. It is dangerously to float here – you should look, that somebody could fell down on you the head!  :o
And long connecting channels. Children adore floating here - much more interesting, than to move forward and back on the common pool. And the bridges standing on these channels are so beautiful!  :D
I can see one hundred plank beds near the pool. Perhaps, someone would like to lie on a grass near the pool instead of lying on sand near the sea. And it’s closer to the restaurant and the bar. But I definitely prefer a beach!
If you love outdoor activities near the pool, it is possible to play ping-pong. it is necessary to dive into water for catching a ball, but for the rest - it is excellent idea!
The second pool - the small round pool with a star. It’s smaller, isn't intended for active swimming. But it is possible to play with a ball here, to teach your child to swim.
The third pool is even smaller. There is no entrance for children, it is impossible to run and play noisy games. Only for adults, tired people who want silence and peace. Look, the remarkable umbrellas protect from the sun much better than the beach ones.
The fourth pool is for children. Here everything is clear. If you have a baby, it will have a lot of fun in this place. The main thing - you will be bored to death.  :(
And the last, but not on value - the covered pool. Probably, sometimes  there are rains in Turkey, and it is necessary to sit under a roof. Or you are afraid of an infection in more visited open pools. Or you want to swim absolutely alone. Honestly speaking, I don't see any "normal" reason to swim in this pool. And don't forget about the sea! Who swims in the pool, when there is a sea?  :cyclops:

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Megasaray, Turkey - 4th September 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Today I will finally describe you our hotel. The thing that impresses me so much is global gardening of that place. Can you imagine that each small stalk here is planted manually and is fed with water from tubes specially carried out underground! Palm trees, pines, bushes, flowers... It is impossible to present, how much work is made to transform this stony beach into the small paradise garden suitable for a relaxation. :o
Walls are twisted with ivy here; all paths are surrounded with bushes. If someone wants to walk in the evenings, instead of to sit in a bar, walking paths are fantastic! :D
Also I see a set of fruit-trees. Eh, it is a pity that now pomegranates and oranges aregreen. In late autumn, I think, it would be possible to walk and take a couple!  :cyclops:


And this beautiful stone pine that is native to the Mediterranean region. Do you know that stone pines have been used and cultivated for their edible pine nuts since prehistoric times? They are widespread in horticultural cultivation as ornamental trees, planted in gardens and parks around the world. The tree in height is about 20-30 meters, lives till 500 years. :stare:

Certainly, there should be palm trees on the seashore! Small ones and bigger ones and huge ones - they are absolutely everywhere. Also don't forget about figs! :)

To diversify the nature, a set of bright flowers grow here. On fences...
on bushes…
or simple on beds. Let's be photographed! B)
Here is our hotel. All buildings were grouped in the center…
left all other place for beautiful postcard views :rolleyes:

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Megasaray, Turkey - 5th September 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom! How are you doing?  :)
Do you remember tons of different food that I show you in this hotel? Well, can you believe that we want more?  :cyclops:
Owners of hotel provided very useful option for people who bothered to eat in the general dining room. You can choose restaurant a la card twice a week! There are a lot of them - a grill, fish, Arab, Japanese... As my host is a vegetarian - we chose Italian one.  B)
Look, a real menu! And linen napkins! And cloths! And the food is carried by the real waiters! I started to forget all this magnificence for a week of a food in buffet! And the best thing - visit of restaurant is included in accommodation cost!  :o
So, what will we take? I suggest beginning with salad with mushrooms. And on snack - toasts with garlic. And do not forget about the most tasty olives!  :rolleyes:
And the most delicious and popular Italian dish… pasta!
Which one do you prefer? Creamy Pasta with Shrimp (non-vegeterian) or Pasta Arabiata (translated as angry pasta)?  :stare:
Owners really tried to bring a spirit of Italy in this restaurant! When you think about this country, what best-known photo comes to your mind? Certainly, I Hold the Tower of Pisa! Well... We tried to fix it together... But nothing helps!
Ah-ah-ah! It seems that falling, we broke the well-known Italian amphora! What a pity that wine wasn't in, because that end of day would be ideal!  ;)
Anyway, when we went out of doors, it was very dark, therefore illumination was turned on for a fountain. It blinked white, yellow, red, green, blue... Sometimes it is pleasant to simply stand and look at a beautiful view at few minutes... Especially, if your stomach is full of a yum-yum!  :p

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host's home, China - 6th September 2012

By: Monachu

Oh!!! Mom!!! I arrived safely at china! Hostmom and grandpa, grandma, welcome my coming. My notebook and photos, make them feel excited! I also meet some friends, we are together! They love me!!!  ;)



I ate some fruits, good health!

Hostmom took me to visit all the room, I found some Chinese family characteristics. Such as fish of decorative, means auspicious. There are a large clock, it at least 200cm high.




I am using the computer of hostmom, to see my own page, so fun!

Now here is 21:15, I decided have a rest! Hostmom and grandma Selection of routes for me, and after the program. I am looking forward to my trip to china!
Oh, mom, love you!
See you!

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host's home, China - 7th September 2012

By: Monachu

Hi, mom!  :p
How are you today?
I accompany her to watch some TV program. This is one TV program of her love, also have the Chinese and English version. So, I also enjoy some of ancient Chinese art works.
She always hug me, very warm.



At lunch, Grandma cook some traditional Chinese dish, for me.

She told me, Chinese every day will eat some rice. I also learned how to make traditional rice, with rice cookers.
It is very simple! Add rice and water, when the red lights bright, it begins to work. When the green light is bright, the rice is OK!


Oh, mom! Please see my rice, I think it's perfect!
Now here is 21:44. Love you, mom.
See you!  ;)

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Shandong, China - 8th September 2012

By: Monachu

Hi, mom!  :p
Today, it has been raining . Hostmom very happy, she love rainy. Then, she and I, grandma take a walk in the house nearby.

My hostmom home.

Also we sees her neighbor's plants.

Grandma said, I can eat it. haha

This pepper is very hot! Hostmom and I also can't eat it!

This neighbor grow a persimmon tree, a lot of fruiting. But hostmom and grandma never eat it. I think I can eat it, when it becomes red.

There is a funny thing: when hostmom take me a photo, that neighbor's big pets: golden retriever and Samoye, shout loudly. Hostmom scared, hug me to run away.  ;)

Grandma said, if it doesn't rain tomorrow, will take me to a new place. I'm looking forward to it!

Now here is 20:44. Oh, mom. I love you!
See you tomorrow!

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Lake and Park 1, China - 9th September 2012

By: Monachu

Hello, mom!
Today, grandma took me and hostmom to a new place, it is a lake and park. They took about 300 photos for me, too much. I can only choose a part, slowly update.  :rolleyes:
You can see, Chinese population too much. Not too much space, so most people only live in high-rise apartment.

In the square of the park:

There is a water and glass bridge, a lot of kids here through, play.

I think I'm a good driver! Oh, The steering wheel is too big?haha.



The main landscape, it is an museum. Unfortunately, it was closed Sunday. Next time we come back.

We in the lake and park, walking for about 2 hours. Very tired, so, it's time to eat. Grandma took us to a Xinjiang style restaurant, which food is northern taste. We tried it for the first time.
This is a soup, eggs and corns. It's sweet, taste good. I like it.


Oh, this is the Xinjiang style of representative food, it has chicken, potatoes, noodles, hot pepper and so on. It tastes very good, and this plate has at least 45CM!!!

I took a part, on my plate. Oh, I like it.

Oh, mom. Now here is 21:34. Tomorrow I will continue to show you some photos!
Love you!  :p

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