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Travelog for: Elisa

Calgary, Canada - 29th July 2012

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today I said goodbye to all my friends here in Calgary and started getting ready to travel to my next host :).


Before I hopped in my travelling compartments sammino gave me a big hug and wished me a safe journey :).


See you soon :D!

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Reading, PA , USA - 24th August 2012

By: Boris Kitty

I arrived in the USA without any troubles crossing the border form Canada.


Boris was there to greet me.


Then I got to meet his adopted sisters (he calls them monsters -- I thought that was funny).

First I met Phoebe and we watched squirrels playing outside the window together for a while.


Then I got to meet Piper. She was a little friendlier and wanted to play, but I was tired from my trip.


Tomorrow I will get to meet two more pals!

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Reading, PA, USA - 25th August 2012

By: Boris Kitty

After I had a nice rest I got up to meet a few more pals!

Edgar daKitty is Boris' "brother" he does all the travelling that Boris will not do. :)


Then Edgar introduced me to Scruffy he is another ToyVoyager too!


I think Scruffy is a very nice guy. He gave me a big welcome hug!


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Philadelphia, PA - Dead Can Dance, USA - 27th August 2012

By: Boris Kitty

We are going to Philadelphia tonight to a concert, but first we stop off at my host's mom's house (I decided to stay in the car).


It was a long drive but we are finally in the BIG city :)
Look at all the flags. I tried to find the German flag but there was so much to look at I am afraid I missed it :(


This is City Hall and it has a statue of William Penn on top of the building.



We had to drive around the city hall building to get to the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts where the concert would be. This is where the Philadelphia Orchestra plays, but tonight we are here for the Dead Can Dance concert.



It is a very nice music hall!


The concert was great!

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Philadelphia, PA - Laurel Hill, USA - 15th September 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Today we had a big adventure. We went into the BIG city of Philadelphia to the Laurel Hill Cemetery to hear the Divine Hand Ensemble play a concert at the cemetery.


The music is very good and I do like the theremin (maybe I should learn to play it).

As you can see there were lots of people there to hear this unique performance of funerary music (which is usually only played for the dead and not the living).


During intermission we got to walk around and look at all the beautiful artwork in the cemetery.


Many of the concert folk were walking around and seeing the BIG monuments that this cemetery has in it.


I had a very nice night and we even took some video so you can hear the music too.





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Reading, PA - Walk for the Animals, USA - 22nd September 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Walk for the Animals

Today I went with my host to the 35th Annual Walk for the Animals helf by the Humane Society of Berks County.

It is held at the baseball stadium and thousands of people and dogs come to support the shelter and raise money.


Here we are waiting for the people and puppies to come back from the walk so my host, who volunteers for HSBC, could take photos for them of the event.


You can see the rest of the photos (the ones I am not in at my host's website - BorisKitty.com or his facebook page).

It was a great day and the walkers raised over $127,000 for the animals that day. Glad I could be a part of it.

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Reading, PA, USA - 29th September 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Today we ran across town to the Philadelphia Pretzel Factory and got soft pretzels. YUM!


One just for me  :p


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Reading, PA, USA - 13th October 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Today we went out to PA Dutch country today to a farm to buy pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns for Halloween!


Then we got our supplies together.


I wanted to scoop out the pumpkin "guts" myself...


...but Piper insisted on help me.


I had to get all the seeds out (we will roast them later for snacks).



We first applied the stencils to the pumpkins. Boris needed to inspect the Boris-o-Lantern we were working on (it does look just like him doesn't it).


We also did Frankenstein and Vampire versions of Boris too!


Here are the finished jack-o-lanterns.


We think they look much better lit up!


You can see other pumpkins we carved and download the templates at BorisKitty.com.

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Reading, PA, USA - 27th October 2012

By: Boris Kitty

It is Halloween weekend and we are having a little party over at Edgar DaKitty's mad scientist lab. So I needed a costume! I am Nurse Elisa at your service!


Angel Scruffy and Mad Prof. Edgar are ready to party.


I got to look around the lab...


Then I got to help Edgar mix a potion.


I got to run the controls for the brain in the jar!


Bubble bubble brain!


If you would like to see the lab in action here is a little video for you to watch.

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Reading, PA, USA - 29th October 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Hurricane Sandy has come to town!

It was a wet and windy day! We watched the weather reports and only went outside once to check on the weather.


I think this weather lady is pointing right at us!


It looks scary!


We were lucky here that no real damage was done. We did lose electric for a few days, but my hosts have a generator and we stayed warm and dry.



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Reading, PA, USA - 31st October 2012

By: Boris Kitty



Off to hand out candy to all the neighborhood kids!

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Wyomissing, PA, USA - 3rd November 2012

By: Boris Kitty

My host volunteers for the One By One Cat rescue and this weekend she need to take photos of the cats in the shelters so I went along!


Such sweet kitties and they all need homes!


I got a little tired so I decided to nap with these cuties while the humans talked about the video project.


Here is the One By One Cat Rescue's home for the holidays video project I helped out with.

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Reading, PA, USA - 6th November 2012

By: Boris Kitty

Today is election day here in the United States of America. So I went along with my host to help pick the new leader of their country.


Who to vote for?


On the way out the polling places were handing out I VOTED stickers and I got one!


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