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Travelog for: SchokoCookie

The port of Takamatsu, Japan - 29th September 2013

By: hanachan

waiting for the boat for the island Inujima

Oh... we were in a wrong place. Our boat is coming to the next pier :mad:
Run there!

from the window of the small boat ;)
We almost missed our boat.
(forgot to take pictures of our boat...)


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Inujima, Seto Inland Sea, Japan - 29th September 2013

By: hanachan

Inujima Seirensho Art Museum --- the remains of a copper refinery on the island
Inujima is one of the large-scale art project set in the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.


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Central Park, Takamatsu, Japan - 22nd December 2013

By: hanachan

Christmas Illumination - Big Tree
Christmas is not a holiday in Japan. But they also enjoy the atmosphere of it. This is one of the decorations built in the Central Park when we were just passing by.


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Curry Restaurant, Takamatsu, Japan - 28th December 2013

By: hanachan

Curry is very popular food in Japan.
It was introduced to Japan via the UK about 130 years ago, and developed independently into Japanese style curry. Curry is often cooked at home, and there are many restaurants.
Today I'll try special menu at the curry restaurant. I can't read Japanese. But The menu-book is very visual :)
This is my choice. It's just same as the picture of the menu book :D
Let's look at What hanachan eats... She likes fried oyster :D


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Zenigata-Sunae, Kan'onji-city, Japan - 3rd January 2014

By: hanachan

The Sand Picture of the old coin "Kanei-Tsuho"
It's drawn on the white sand, Ariake beach. I'm stand on the hill to see this large sand picture. It's 122m from east to west and 90m from north to south. To my surpruse, it has been kept carefully since it was made in 1633 :o

German wiki: Zenigata Sunae 


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