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Travelog for: Takumi

Towcester, Northamptonshire, UK - 13th October 2013

By: JemmaJ

The weather here is horrid; so Jemma has been teaching us how to knit. She is knitting little hats to go on bottles; they will be raising money to help older people here in the UK.

Popandopula, Lillepuss and myself read the instructions and had a go ourselves. I found it a little hard.

Jemma even let us wear the hats when we had finished them all!


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Towcester, UK - 29th January 2015

By: JemmaJ

As the site has been down; I have been spending my time with JemmaJ and Lillepuss. Jemma has been letting me stay at her home while she was trying to contact my owner. However; nothing has happened!

Jemma has told me that she PM my owner again and see what will happen.

Lavender Bear came home while the site was down; we have all been handing out while Jemma has been at work.

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Towcester, UK - 3rd February 2015

By: JemmaJ

Yesterday Jemma heard from home and they wish for me to return. Jemma is happier now as I think she was starting to worry.

Today we helped Jemma with her letters to her pen pals before it was time for my to head home back to Germany.

I am glad that Jemma is all better now and that she got in contact with the home of Lillepuss. I think that he is looking forward to going home.

Here is a picture of Lavender Bear, Lillepuss and myself helping Jemma with her letter.

Hugging Lillepuss goodbye!

Off he goes!

We also met Jemma's new TV Doris Cow. She is a cow; very quiet though!

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Towcester, UK - 15th February 2015

By: JemmaJ


Today is when I am off home; but now I live in America. Here we looking at the TV Facebook page!

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