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Taste 10 different traditional meals. (3/10: clam chowder, pierogi, ice cream)

Visit 5 sightseeing sites (3/5: tour d'eiffel, golden gate bridge, leaning tower)

Visit one of each type: Big city (3), Rainforest (0), Desert (1), Ocean (1), huge mountain (0)

Scare at least 10 different children or pets (0/10)

Meet another Monster and get drunk together!

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Travelog for: TokiToy

Heidelberg, Germany - 19th November 2011

By: Toki

Wuuhhuuu! What's this?

It seems  I have landed on a strange planet. And there are huge colored creatures, everywhere... Eeehm. As I was first to discover this new species, I call them "Hughies".

I also met some locals, calling themselves sock-monkeys. The green and the red one. Nice sneaky guys! Together we took some of the Hughies' drinking stuff and had a monsters party for ourselves. That was fun! Muuhaaaaa, even got some of the spicy chili.

The sock-monkeys told me a lot of weird things, for example that there are a lot of different places to see on the planet. They say the Hughies build funny houses, some of them looking even more strange than the normal ones. Crazy! Imagine, they say there are regions full with water where you cannot see the other side!? Or the same with just sand. I think the monkeys were too drunk and massively exaggerating. I have to prove this!


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Groß-Umstadt, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: Toki

Hughies aren't that bad, as it seems.  Some of them took me to their home and gave me a bed to rest. However, I still want to scare Hughies children, I am a real monster, Muahaaaa. Now I am ready and the journey begins!


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Paris, France - 17th December 2011

By: Toki

The Hughies who have taken me to their home told me that it is totally normal for monsters to travel in a shoe-box. I wasn't afraid! No, me, not ever! They just didn't tell me that there is no food and drink and pillows and beer in shoe boxes. And, fresh air! No fresh air for a long time!

Anyway, when I got out of the box, I was really scared to see such an active Hughie called Andi. He could not sit more than 20 seconds at the same spot! But that was great so he showed me a lot of places in this enourmous city. Even cities have names here, this one is Paris. The monkeys were right, the hughies build sometimes huge crazy buildings. Here is a metal tower with full lights on in the night and a huge rectangle standing upwards and all the cars chase each other around. Ils sont fous ces francaises! And the "Luufre" were some strange people bring their paintings and show them to some even more strange guys that pay money for that. Crazy world, I have landed on...

I really loved Paris' most important attraction: the carousel. Full of screaming and whimpering children. Lovely place! Curiosly, Andi was not so much interested in the carousel, but more in the nearby "Hotel de Ville". Made a picture of that as well, but the carousel was really really more exciting!

Cool was also "Notre Dame". Andi told me, there lives a guy named Glöckner who scares children with his dangerous appereance, too. Must be a very experienced monster. I checked him out to learn some tricks, but sadly he wasn't at home. Have no time to wait for him, because Andi has shown me a statue. This is only the small version, I have to see the great one on my travels. The large one is in a land far far away. We decided to buy a new shoe-box to send me over there. Shouldn't be that hard to find the large statue over there once I am in this country.


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San Francisco, USA - 20th December 2011

By: Toki

At last out of this shoe box! Wow, this world must be really huge... so long you need to get to the other side.

Now I have to find the statue, the large one...can't see it... ehm... but sand is cool! Look here, you can see my footprints, when I walk. That's nice. But be careful, there is a lot of water in these so called oceans. That's dangerous, land-monsters can not swim! I don't know why they put so much water near the sand... tastes salty, uuuuaaarrgghh.

The first plants I saw were really cool, Paola my nice host calls them palms. They are fantastic and only grow where it's quite hot. I love when its hot, you always find somebody to buy you an ice cream when its hot! Or scare some children and grap their icecream when they drop it. I found some nice girls, but they were to cute and when we were playing, I totally forgot to scare them. Shame on me. But Paola bought me a traditional soup, clam chowder. That was as good as ice cream.

Wow, I nearly forgot to tell. Really cool were those gangster monsters I met. I swear, they were the coolest guys ever. Even cooler than the sock monkeys. They are so smart and so experienced in scaring children. They have a flat-sharing community in the alcatraz appartments offshore. I want to become a cool gangsta like them. I need a gangsta cap, black and white in stripes. I wanted to have one, but I don't have dollers. I don't know what dollers are, but the woman in the shop said I need them to get a cap. I am confused...

Very cool was celebrating christmas. This is quite complicated... the hughies say there was a very promint hughie, who is the son of their god and has birthday on christmas. And thus they all celebrate. They killed him later, but celebrate it anyway. I do not understand it... but anyway, christmas was cool, everything was so colorful... And the hughies are all going crazy, they run around in the city like in frenzy. Paola said they buy presents for their beloved, but my opinion is different. When you look into their faces you clearly see pure panic in their eyes. It gets worse every day closer to christmas. There must be some monster around, scaring those hughies. I am a monster, I know what I am talking about! But I didn't tell Paola, never tell monster's tricks to hughies.
Even the food was colorful. And christmas dinner was really delicious! We had a traditional polish christmas dinner with fish and vegetables. The purple soup is "pierogi", a sort of ravioli, in beet broth, they told me. I dunno what that means, but it was sooo tasty!

But the statue isn't here either, Paola said I am on the right side of the world, but on the wrong side of the right side. So, let's give it a new try. I found a new shoe box to the other side. I hope I find the statue to send Andy a postcard from there...


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Pisa, Italy - 26th May 2012

By: Toki

Mh, I must have taken the wrong box…

When I lifted the lid after quite a long trip, I got out on a place that was very strange. The hughies talk a lot with their hands and told me something like "Mostro piccolo? Ah, statua, si, si…" and send me in a direction were things got even weirder. The doors were very huuuge, but the statues were very small (and naked) - and they have water coming out of them. What is very nice is the architecture over here, I enjoyed that a lot. They had this tower which was built of white marble...

...oh my god it is falling over!!!


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Pisa, Italy - 27th May 2012

By: Toki

After I ran away the other night, I came back today to check how large the damage is, and to my surprise, the tower is still there, it is just leaning...

I have also learned that the box I took, brought me back to the wrong side of the world: to Pisa, in Italy. But that is not a problem. Apparently it is very nice here and I enjoy being here a lot.

I already have adopted what they call the Italian lifestyle, which is something I can definitely get used to: After I came back from the leaning tower, I had a hot, brownish beverage, together with a stick they set on fire and then breath through it, and then I just hang around on the streets and socialized a bit. I befriended some winged fellows among whom I seemed to be quite popular. They were very nice and after some chats I shared my lunch bread with them. What I also liked a lot was some creamy sweet stuff that melted in the sun and is called ice cream. That was sooo delicious! Apparently Italy is famous for its ice cream and I knew immediately why.


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Lucca, Italy - 1st June 2012

By: Toki

The hughies told me to go to the countryside if I wanted to relax. Since this seemed like the right thing to do, I went to a place called Lucca.

The hughies were right, it was very cosy and quiet here. They know how to let go. They even dug a hole and filled it with water, just to have small private ocean. I had a small nap there, and now I feel ready to expolre the world again...


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Las Vegas, USA - 18th October 2012

By: Toki

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... :cyclops:


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Darmstadt, Germany - 24th August 2017

By: Toki

Hey Guys,

long time no see. Have not been travelling for a looooong time. However I was safe and in good hands. My latest host has made a tag for me. Now I can continue my trip and will never be lost. Thank you!!

One reason why I did not need to leave so early were my new twin friends. Have a look!! :D  B)
Another reason is that I quite liked Darmstadt and I have loved especially the last summer. My favourite drink this year was Rhubarb-"Schorle" at the Schlossgarten! ... So nice... So nice...

However, even though I really liked Darmstadt and my host and all of my new found Darmstadt friends. I need to get wild once more. The world is calling! See you soon, wherever you are.

Cheers you all


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