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Travelog for: *-Cookie-*

somewhere in Rochester, USA - 6th December 2013

By: sannah

Hi Mom!

sannah told me yesterday that somebody else would like to meet me very soon. This means I am ready to move on and I am so excited!

sannah is very busy at work (it is Midquarter - whatever that means), so she had not really had the time to take me someplace else. But she took me to work with her!

Her workplace is a school belonging to a church ... Here it is!


And this is her classroom in the basement of the junior high wing.


I had a look into one of her algebra books, but did not understand much ... Math seems to be very complicated!


But sannah shares her room with the Spanish teacher - this poster was much more interesting! Do you understand it, Mom?


On our way home from lunch, sannah realized that I have not yet seen the roadside attraction #1 of Rochester: a watertower shaped like a corn ear!


sannah will bring me to the post office some time this week ...

All the best for you, Mom - I heard there was a big storm in Northern Germany in the past days, I hope you are all right!


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Downtown Minneapolis, MN, USA - 14th December 2013

By: sannah

Hi Mom!

Since it is time for me to move on to my next host very soon, sannah took me with her to my last adventure – to Minneapolis, the largest city of Minnesota.

We have mostly stayed around Nicollet Mall and noticed that there wasn’t much going on on a not-so-late Saturday afternoon. Leaving the mall and heading back to the Light Rail that had brought us into town, we noticed the amazing Christmas lights in the streets downtown.


On Hennepin Avenue are a lot of theaters and the nightlife was just about to begin.


But not only did it start to snow slighty, it was also freezing cold - and we needed to watch our steps ...


Therefore no more photos, sorry …

All the best,

* Posted Dec 15, 2013, 5:42 am [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

sannah's apartment, USA - 16th December 2013

By: sannah

Hi Mom,

today was time to say goodbye ... I had a last look upon the so familiar site of Zumbro River.


Isn't it amazing how much nature has changed since my arrival? The snow is fresh - having fallen all through the morning. And I am going to miss those ducks although they can be really really loud ...


sannah let me write some greetings for my next host ...


... and then we went to the small in-store post office in walking distance.

sannah told me that I am going to meet plenty of other travelling toys like me - let's see how long it will take me to travel about 500 miles!

Bye, sannah - and
Bye, Mom!


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