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Travelog for: Mefito

Dortmund, Germany - 14th December 2013

By: mcdaniels

Today we drove to Dortmund by train for meeting Strunki and olgamaus! It was so great to see them and some of my old friends and my brothers again!
After visiting the a big St. Nicholas, a big Christmas pyramide and the very big Christmas tree we went into a café together with all the other ToyVoyagers. It was great to sit there with GustavHH, Charlotte, Hase, HelmutBluepant, Kirin, Soeren, DottyCroc, Dutchy the Lion, OleOrangescarf, Josie, UrselHH, Frederik, SunnyHH, Störte, Sargent Froggo and *Nick* talking about our adventures...and it was great to talk with my four brothers!
When it became dark we visited the Christmas fair. The illuminated big tree, all the lights and candles looked fantastic!
I was happy that Soeren and Frederik came back home with us. And my best friend Ole accompanied us as well back to Paderborn  :D
Thank you, Strunki and olganmaus for your nice Christmas presents!
Yours Mefito

dortmund 001.JPG
dortmund 004.JPG
dortmund 011.JPG
dortmund 016.JPG
dortmund 018.JPG
dortmund 028.JPG
dortmund 029.JPG
dortmund 030.JPG
dortmund 034.JPG
dortmund 040.JPG
dortmund 050.JPG
dortmund 057.JPG
dortmund 062.JPG
dortmund 064.JPG
dortmund 070.JPG
dortmund 038.JPG
dortmund 032.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 16th December 2013

By: mcdaniels

Today Soeren told us that he was invited by Murph on yesterday and he'll leave us only two days after meeting  :(
See you, my brother, have a good journey!

soeren 003.JPG
soeren 005.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 18th December 2013

By: mcdaniels

Today my little sister Lille has come home!  :D
We were very happy to see her after a long journey and we all hugged her.


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Paderborn, Germany - 21st December 2013

By: mcdaniels

Today noon a mysterious parcel arrived. We were not waiting for another ToyVoyager so we wondered what could be in it.
Mum said that it was a Christmas parcel from Strunki so we should wait until Christmas. But suddenly we heard a voice: "Set me free!!!"  :o
Under this circumstances of course we were allowed to open the parcel as fast as we could. A funny face appeared. "Hi, I'm Paris the dromedary and I'm no ToyVoyager and I don't want to become a ToyVoyager. I travelled from Christmas fair to Christmas fair my whole life and so I would be very happy to find a real home", Paris the dromedary said.
Mum was as happy as we to meet Paris and invited her to stay in her home.
"Great", Paris said, "Now I've only to find a place where I can jump up and down but that's not urgent."
And then she showed us a nice postcard, nice pictures and yummy chocolate from Strunki, her TVs and her guests  :D
That's for today

Paris 005.JPG
Paris 006.JPG
Paris 007.JPG
Paris 008.JPG
Paris 009.JPG
Paris 010.JPG
Paris 011.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 25th December 2013

By: mcdaniels


And guess what we've got: a shopping trolley filled with yummy chocolate  :D :D :D
For the rest of the evening we were completely occupied by pushing each other in the trolley and eating chocolate  :p
Yours Mefito

christmas 003.JPG
christmas 004.JPG
christmas 006.JPG
christmas 009.JPG
christmas 011.JPG
christmas 014.JPG
christmas 016.JPG
christmas 015.JPG
christmas 018.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 25th December 2013

By: mcdaniels

In the afternoon we drove to grandma and grandpa.
We climbed the Christmas tree and visited the crib. Frederik decided to stay there for the next weeks being a member of the crib.
After playing grandpa's organ for more than two hours we rested in grandma's armchair for a while...
In the evening we went into the city for visiting the illuminated cathedral. Great!

christmas 2 001.JPG
christmas 2 003.JPG
christmas 2 015.JPG
christmas 2 016.JPG
christmas 2 028.JPG
christmas 2 030.JPG
christmas 2 031.JPG
christmas 2 032.JPG
christmas 2 033.JPG
christmas 2 037.JPG

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Bad Lippspringe, Germany - 26th December 2013

By: mcdaniels

Today evening we celebrated the second Christmas day together with dad's daughters in the flat of the older daughter in Bad Lippspringe.
Look, she's got a Christmas tree with eyes and hat  :D
Yours Mefito

christmas 2 042.JPG
christmas 2 044.JPG
christmas 2 045.JPG
christmas 2 046.JPG
christmas 2 048.JPG

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Paderborn, German - 31st December 2013

By: mcdaniels

Today the sun was shining, optimal conditions for our 'First Silvester Shopping Trolley Outdoor Race'  :D
We went to an hill where Paris marked starting line and finishing line. Than she sat down at the finishing line with her stopwatch...the race could begin!
OleOrangescarf was the first starter. He pushed the trolley, jumped in and raced downhill. "14,99 seconds!" Paris shouted and noted down the result.
I was the next. "14,92!"
Then the first team started: Sargent Froggo pushed the trolley with SunnyHH in it and jumped in..."14,71"!!!
Then the the girls  started... "14,98!" Paris shouted.
So we had the winners: Sargent Froggo and SunnyHH!!!
Back home we had a presentation ceremony. The winner team got a gold medal and a certificate.
Though I didn't win the race it was big fun  :D :D :D

race 001.JPG
race 002.JPG
race 003.JPG
race 005.JPG
race 006.JPG
race 007.JPG
race 009.JPG
race 010.JPG
race 011.JPG
race 012.JPG
race 014.JPG
race 015.JPG
race 031.JPG
race 016.JPG
race 018.JPG
race 019.JPG
race 021.JPG
race 023.JPG
race 024.JPG
race 025.JPG
race 027.JPG
race 029.JPG
race 035.JPG
race 036.JPG
race 032.JPG
race 034.JPG

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Paderborn, German - 1st January 2014

By: mcdaniels

We had a Silvester-party at some friends of mum and dad.
First we played 'Don't be annoyed' (in German 'Mensch ärger dich nicht') with 'Mainzelmännchen' as pieces  ;)
It was very exciting and at last OleOrangescarf was the winner!
At midnight we had great fireworks!! Unfortunately mum wasn't really able to took good pictures at the right moment  :cyclops:
All the best

Silvester 001.JPG
Silvester 005.JPG
Silvester 006.JPG
Silvester 007.JPG
Silvester 029.JPG
Silvester 038.JPG
Silvester 014.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 3rd January 2014

By: mcdaniels

Today we said goodbye to my sister Lille and Sargent Froggo. Lille will travel to her next host and Sargent Froggo will travel back home.
Take care!!
Yours Mefito

goodbye 001.JPG
goodbye 007.JPG
goodbye 004.JPG
goodbye 011.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 11th January 2014

By: mcdaniels

Today we decided to help mum with the housecleaning.
First we had to do the washing. Together we put the laundry into the washing machine (hoping that mum didn't hit on the idea to put us into the machine as well  :cyclops: )
After cleaning we had to pull out the wet clothes of the machine and hung it onto the clotheshorse. Puuuuh, housework is more exhausting than we thought...
Then we helped mum doing the hoovering. That wasn't exhausting at all, we sat on the Hoover directing mum and spuring her on  ;)
Mum was very grateful to us for such a fantastic Support and so we got yummy chocolate deservedly  :p

putzen 001.JPG
putzen 002.JPG
putzen 003.JPG
putzen 004.JPG
putzen 005.JPG
putzen 006.JPG
putzen 007.JPG
putzen 009.JPG
putzen 010.JPG
putzen 012.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 16th January 2014

By: mcdaniels

Yesterday a mysterious envelope from Australia arrived.
What could be in? A very flat ToyVoyager?  :cyclops:
SunnyHH opened it and crawled in...and guess what he pulled out: the flying carpet of my brother Sidney L.
But where was Sidney? The enclosed postcard gave the answer:
Sidney has travelled to Alaksa and has forgotten his flying carpet in Australia!  :o
How has he travelled without flying with his carpet? We must ask him when he'll be back home...
Of course we all tried to start the carpet but unfortunately nothing happened...we didn't know the magic word for starting it  :(
Dear brother Sidney, come home safely some day, I'll keep your carpet...
Thank you fleursmum for sending the carpet home!

Yours Mefito

carpet 001.JPG
carpet 002.JPG
carpet 003.JPG
carpet 008.JPG
carpet 006.JPG
carpet 007.JPG
carpet 004.JPG
carpet 005.JPG
carpet 009.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 17th January 2014

By: mcdaniels

Today morning we were just playing hide and seek in the garden when a strange figure appeared  :o
When he came nearer we saw that it was Monsti pulling a pirate ship!! Of course we asked him where he came from with such a ship and then he told us a fantastic story: fitted out with a map he started from his hometown Stuttgart many days ago. He wanted to travel by train, bus and hitchhiking. Wow! The first stage worked very well but after a while he found no Train, no bus, no car and hat to go on travelling by foot  :cyclops: So he walked along some rivers and suddenly he saw an abandoned pirate ship! With this ship he sailed this far on many different rivers! The last kilometre he had to pull the ship and now he was here! Great!
When we looked closely at the ship I recognized: it was the ship of my brother Störte which he had lost on his journey from Austria to Remscheid!!! What a chance!! He'll be so happy to get back his ship  when he'll come home  :D
Then we went in, sat together and talked about our adventures while eating the yummy hamburgers Monsti brought with him  :p
Yours Mefito

Monsti 002.JPG
Monsti 003.JPG
Monsti 006.JPG
Monsti 008.JPG
Monsti 009.JPG
Monsti 011.JPG
Monsti 012.JPG
Monsti 013.JPG
Monsti 014.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 18th January 2014

By: mcdaniels

Cause my friend OleOrangescarf and my new friend Monsti have got so nice scarfs I asked my mum whether I could get one, too.
And here we are: the three unbelievable scarf-men  B) B) B)
Yours MefitoRedgreenscarf  ;)

scarfs 001.JPG
scarfs 003.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 20th January 2014

By: mcdaniels

Today evening I said it's very very important for me to have a bath cause I'll meet Kleine Fee this week and later I'll meet Charlotte and so there's no way out than having a bath  :cyclops:
And cause OleOrangescarf is my best friendhe decided to keep my company. Okay, on closer examination you could see he needed a bath urgently  :cyclops: (can you see the region underneath his scarf?)
So we started relaxing in the warm water...we relaxed...and relaxed...and then we had a hold-our-breath-competition: Ole was the winner, water is the icebear's element I must admit.
We became cleaner and the water more and more wet and cold so we went on relaxing on the heater  :)
And now I'll be in the state to meet the ladies  ;)

bathing 001.JPG
bathing 004.JPG
bathing 005.JPG
bathing 006.JPG
bathing 009.JPG
bathing 010.JPG
bathing 012.JPG
bathing 013.JPG

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