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Travelog for: Tim the Bear

Munich, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: Tomi

today was my first day on Toyvoyager.com Sorry for no good pictures but in the next days there will be some new ones. But this evening we watched Galileo. I met a new friendis also an TV. His name is Tapsi. We watched TV together with Tom the Bear. Tapsiis a guest from Germany and Tom the Bear is my brother. For the people who saw the reportage over Toyvoyager.com, it's the almost the same show with the same host. We had some chips and Fanta and it was a fantastic evening. Here are some pictures...


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Detmold, Germany - 10th November 2011

By: .Vicky.

Hi everyone,
I arrived at my host's home today :)
I'm really really tired from the journey, so I'll go to straight to bed now and tell you more tomorrow!
Good night everybody :)


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Detmold, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: .Vicky.

After I slept for some time in the morning, I visited other stuffed animals and made friends with a lot of them. They are all so nice to me :).
In the afternoon I played tennis for the first time in my life and I wasn't very good at first, but I got better and it was a lot of fun!
Afterwards I was pretty tired and just sat at the window enjoying the sun and the view. In the background of the photo you can see the hill on which the famous Hermann monument stands. I hope we go there soon...


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Detmold, Germany - 13th November 2011

By: .Vicky.

Hey everybody,
I'm sorry I didn't update the travelog already yesterday, but I didn't do much, so it would have just bored you.

Today was awesome! We went into the centre of Detmold and visited some great and mostly old places.
The first building I saw was the big music school, which is pretty popular for music students from all over the world. The first two pictures are taken at the 'Ameide' which is right next to the music school. The little river you see flows to a lake around the castle...

By walking through town and looking at all the nice house I let my host mum take a photo of me in front of a half-timber house and the town wall (There are still parts of the old wall standing in Detmold. Some houses are even built directly in the wall!).

In front of the 'Landesmuseum' I took a picture with the Frog King, which is sitting at a fountain, before I had the chance to see the fascinating 'Landestheater'. I was a bit disappointed, that I couldn't get a look at the inside, but I heard, that it looks very noble.

After spending some time in the park in front of the castle and doing some tree climbing, we went back home. I am very exhausted after our trip today and will go straight to bed now.
Good night everyone and greetings from Detmold!

music school.jpg
half-timber house.jpg
town wall.jpg
Frog king.jpg
in a tree.jpg

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Detmold, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: .Vicky.

Hi there,
today I took a ride on a scooter, although it was very cold (just 0°C in the morning). The wind was blowing through my fur and I got goose bumps, but it was a lot of fun!
Afterwards I made friends with a guy called Grobi. He says he's acting in a TV series 'The Sesame Street', which is made to entertain kids. I don't think I've seen an episode of it yet, but I guess now I'll have to :D.
In the evening I also learned how to play the piano (ok, just some veery easy songs...). It was a great experience, but I don't think I'll ever be good at it.
Talk to you later :)


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Detmold, Germany - 18th November 2011

By: .Vicky.

It wasn't much happening in the last days, because the weather got bad and my host mum didn't have much time, because of her work. So I stayed home and had fun playing games with my now best friend Grobi (you can see him on the picture in my last post!).
I hope we'll find some time to see some other sights at the weekend, because the weather seems to be good enough for taking nice photos :)...

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Detmold, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: .Vicky.

Today we finally went up to the Hermann monument. It is huge, about 50m high!It was built at the end of the 19th century by Ernst von Bandel, who wanted to create a symbol of national unity after the defeat of Napoleon in the Battle of Leipzig in 1813.
On the next hill, called the 'Bielstein', stands a 290m high transmitting mast, which you can also see from my host family's house!

The best thing about going up to 'Hermann the German' was the climbing park, which is located at the parking lot in the trees. Unfortunately it closes around October, but I had the chance to climb the lowest course, which was a lot of fun, too :). You can see me on the last photos in two of the elements!

climbing park.jpg
climbing park 2.jpg

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Detmold, Germany - 21st November 2011

By: .Vicky.

This was my last day in Detmold. I'm gonna miss everyone here, but I'm really looking forward to get home again! I have a lot of stories to tell.
Talk to you soon :)

beach chair.jpg

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Munich, Germany - 22nd November 2011

By: Tomi

today i arrived at home :)
thanks to Vicky for hosting :)
I welcomed a new TV my dad is hosting and i said hello to my brother Tom.
Tomorrow i'm going to drive to Schliersee and after that i will visit a new host in germany :)
See you at Friday


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In the Air, Germany - 14th December 2011

By: Tomi

yesterday we went flying. My dad's dad is able to fly a airplane with four seats and so he asked Tomi if he wants to fly with him. Tomi took me, CrazyFace, Berta, Frank the Bear, Timmy the Bear and Pichu a Pokemon with him and it was great. We flew from the Augsburger airport over Munich to the Schliersee. From there we flew over my house and over Munich back to Augsburg. I hope you like the pictures, and if you have a question what you can see on which picture you can sent my dad an pm.
Kind regards,
Tim the Bear


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