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Travelog for: Karl

Braubach, Germany - 14th August 2010

By: FraJ

Hello, salut, ciao and hallo!

I received my activation code and I want to tell a bit of my travels which I've done do or will do.

Today I was at a festival called "Rhein in Flammen" (rhine in flames).
I sat with my mom on a mountain in Braubach 'cause you've got a very nice panorama-view from there over the rhine valley.
Everywhere there were fireworks and the castles and ships were in red "flames" (vengalic bags and red lights).

After the big firework we're driven by a quad to the rhine where we've eaten and drunk something.

Now I'm very tired. Cya soon!


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Guben, Germany - 2nd September 2010

By: FraJ

Hello or cześć!

I'm spending my holiday in Guben (on the border to poland).
Mama told me that we'll spend a weekend on the island of Usedom!
Now I'll enjoy my three weeks of vacation!  B)



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Lahnstein, Germany - 6th February 2011

By: FraJ


After I started in the new year I received an invitation to a bad-taste-party! But I had nothing to wear!  :(
However, the people still liked me and my hat  ;)

And today, everyone want to add me on my facebook-profil!  :D
Great and I hope the next party is coming soon  B)



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Nassau, Germany - 25th August 2011

By: FraJ


Today I was on a canoe trip in Nassau (No, not Nassau in the Bahamas, only Nassau in germany). After this I needed a dry hat but it was fun :D



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Coblenz, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: FraJ


Mama told me that I'm going to Berlin in two weeks!  :D
I'm so excited and I'm pleased to see the Brandenburger gate, Alexanderplatz and the television tower, the Reichstag and the Zoologischen Garten the most visited zoo in Europe!



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Berlin, Germany - 19th November 2011

By: FraJ

And greetings from Berlin! I arrived at night and early in the morning it started right:

We've seen the KaDeWe at first (but I havent from everything a photo with me, because we have seen a lot and sometimes the camera will be forgotten), then we took the subway to the Brandenburg Gate, we looked at the Holocaust Memorial and went to the government quarter.
From there we drove on to the Alexanderplatz and the TV tower, but before we ate sushi at the central station ... mmmh, yummy!
Next we went to the Hackescher Markt and then to the Museum Island and Berlin Cathedral.
We strolled along the "Unter den Linden", and then went to Checkpoint Charlie and the East Side Gallery!
We were just eating Italian and back at the hotel we go to the bed, because our feets hurts! And we're so tired!

Tomorrow is another day and there's so much to see!


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Berlin, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: FraJ


Today we're at the zoo in Berlin! I've saw polar bears, camels, giraffes, monkeys and soooooo many animals!
Moreover we're at SeaLife Berlin with the amazing AquaDom!
Then we visit the miniature world in the Alexa shopping center but we forgot to take pictures with me on it  :rolleyes:

But it was a great trip! Berlin is a wonderful city!

Unfortunately, we went too early at home and have missed the opening of the Christmas markets, but maybe I can catch up in Vienna  ;)


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Christkindlmarkt - vienna, austria - 9th December 2011

By: Glubschi

Oy oy and hello to germany, I'm (finally) in austria, whoooohoo! But I'm still a bit smelly, maybe because of the Douglas-box, there still was some odeur in it...or because I didn't have a shower in a week, who knows? Moe knows. He sprayed a bit Playboy-Parfum on me, and now I'm smelling sexaaay. :p

When the box opened up, I was right in front of the Christkindlmarkt at the Rathausplatz, nice surprise. I expected to get out of that thing in an old apartment or something, but yeah, to be welcomed with Punsch as the first thing is also quite nice. ;) I didn't expect that market to be so big...and full of people, seemed to be the touristic rush-hour or something. You never should make the mistake to do christmas-stuff on a saturday night...so many asians, incredible. There just has to be a subpopulation in japan because of that right now.

But somehow we made our way through it.  ;)

Moe just had an awesome idea, cause I told him my life-missions. We're going to the Schönbrunner Zoo someday, whoop whoop! Well if it's open during wintertime, but nevertheless, fuck yeah!^^

foto a.JPG
foto b.JPG
foto c.JPG
foto d.JPG
foto e.JPG

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huh, austria - 18th December 2011

By: Glubschi

Err, somehow the thing with the picture-upload doesn't work properly, they're all just half-there. But I'll try to fix that.  :p

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Christmastown, North pole - 24th January 2012

By: Glubschi

So here we go again! Late update, I knoooow, but on the one hand Moe's internet was down because someone forgot to pay it, and on the other hand he's one hell of a lazy bastard, who needs weeks to do anything. I mean, I'd update my travellog myself, but have you seen my feet? They're round and fluffy, incapable to type anything, I tried, but "jhaskldvioiocdfne" was the best I could do. So Moe's my personal secretary, muahaha!
Anyways, it was christmas tiiime! The days before christmas the gang and me (which is a quite big gang right now: Super Mario Luigi, Horscht the Moose, Madison the raccoon, Mr Carrot, ... I think that's the gang. I've got a theory about our big gang, I don't know what it is actually, I just thought I needed one so that I can call it 'The big gang theory', hahaaa! Get it?) were baking peppercakes to get in the right christmas mood. Awesome stuff was the result, a luxury peppercake villa, a luxury peppercake-chocolate swimmingpool with an even more luxury peppercake yacht in it and a peppercake pyramid (which is also a great hat at the same time). We actually also had a peppercake camel, peppercake tetris blocks and a peppercake pacman (I'll call it paccake or something) before, but we already ate it. Darn. =P
And what could be greater than a great inflatable christmas tree in the apartment, whoooohoo!  :p
Oh, yeah, and Moe told me something about being send to moscow soon, fucking awesome, looking forward to it.  :D

christmas tree.JPG

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vienna, silvester, middle-earth - 24th January 2012

By: Glubschi

Here it is now, the year of the Maya apocalypse, so we should party hard before the world ends.  :p The evening started with a nice cheese fondue with a LOT of wine in it, was enough to knock out a small lama like me. But that would have been too early, I waited for the real booze.  ;) I mean, getting drunk because of a fondue, that's a bit wrong. But obviously not wrong enough for Moe, he was finished before the evening was.
We got a bunch of fireworks as you can see on the picture (sadly, we had bigger ones, but we fired them before taking the pic. We forgot about it. :( ), well, 'fireworkies', as those are the little ones. But it was enough for us, especially as we had a great firework-view from where we were. Gave us an impression of how it will look the world will end this year.  :p And damn, the big gang picture of me and my friends with the booze in the background was the last moment we were all still able to walk upright. Crazy night, but it was great.  :D I think Mario's brother Luigi tried to...uh, turn me on or something, can't remember clearly, but I think he tried to kiss me. I had to refuse him, but he wasn't too sad luckily...maybe because Mr carrot didn't refuse him.^^


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in Moe's bag in a tramway, austria - 28th January 2012

By: Glubschi

They see me riding, in Moe's bag! Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty, tryin to catch me ridin dirty! Trying to catch me ridin dirty! Trying to catch...well actually it was dirty riding, I mean literally, Moe's bag was a little bit smelly. Why do I say "smelly", it smelled like satan's worst fart, eugh. But anyway, how cool is that, I get carried around without having to do anything. :D I am a god. B)


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christmas, again, austria - 28th January 2012

By: Glubschi

Ah damn! I forgot to mention it in my christmas-update, but we saw the gigantic enormous, doublebubble-yeah, whoa big christmastree on Stephansplatz, next to the Stephansdom that day. :p Maybe a bit late (or soon, how you wanna put it) to talk about christmasstuff now, but it was big and touristic, two of the most important things one should mention in a travellog.^^ So...what can I tell about it? It was...big. And apart of that pretty boring. Yeah. I think that's it. That update was worth it.


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