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see a city from high above

walk on the chinese wall

bake a sandcake on the shore

meet a real bear

see somewhere a thunderstormfront

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Travelog for: Cessy

Torino, Italy - 3rd February 2012

By: Blackie

Hi Mummy!

I am in Italy at last!!!!
My envelope was picked up by someone who was going out, so I followed this person from inside there for a while. I couldn't believe it was sooooo cold!!!!! Wasn't Italy the sunny country????  :thinking:

Anyway, luckily it was a short walk and we got home soon! Here, my envelope was opened and I could finally take a look around.



So, I met Francy, my new host. I gave her Marie's message, but she started staring at it and looked quite puzzled, so I guessed, she didn't speak German!  :o


I was happy to translate it for her and she enjoyed the message!  :)

Then, Francy introduced me to her family: I met Tare the Tarepanda, Ray the ray, Orso the bear, Trifolo the rabbit and Wellington the penguin. They all were very welcoming, and curious to hear about my adventure!




After a while Orso also allowed me to ride him! We ran around the room an it was very funny!!  :D


I also met George... he says I look a lot like his little sister, and she hugged me sooooo tight and he wouldn't let me go!!!! I think he likes me!  ;)


It soon was time for dinner. We ordered a Japanese bento with meat balls, rice and vegetables. I really liked it!  :)


We also got some sake, but I was not allowed to taste it...


After dinner, Francy told me I should go to sleep soon, because we were leaving early in the morning to go visiting her parents. I was very excited and I slept in the bag... Francy was still not used to have me around so I was worried she could forget to take me with her!  :p


I'm looking forward to go! :)

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Torino, Italy - 4th February 2012

By: Blackie

We woke up very early today, and we soon were at the train station. I quicly got a place near the window.


The train departed and we soon started enjoying a mountain landscape. There was a lot of snow, I'm very excited!



It took a while, but we finally got there! It was very cold, brrrr....
I met Francy's parents, they all were very nice with me.

Later, Trifolo, Wellington and I went outside to play with the snow.


We made a snowman!




The landscape was very nice as well




Then we found a little slope, so Wellington and me decided to try some sledding. Yuppieeeeee!!!!!



I was very tired when we got back home!

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Torino, Italy - 5th February 2012

By: Blackie

Mmmmm... today is even colder than yesterday...  :thinking:

So, we decided to stay at home. Guess what we did? We made a cake!
We started preparing the sponge cake and cut it in halves...


... then we prepared the cream for the filling...



... and used it to fill the cake...



Then, we prepared a chocolate cream as well...


... and covered the cake with it.


Then, the best part of it! We decorated the cake!



Do you like it mum? It was real fun to do it!  :D

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Torino, Italy - 8th February 2012

By: Blackie

Hi Mummy! :)

During the week, we actually don't do a lot, as my host is out to work.

But tonight, we had a pizza night!  :) Very Yummy!



They are talking about some exhibition to visit on the weekend, can't wait to find out what it's about... I will post photos as well as soon as we can upload them!  ;)

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Torino, Italy - 11th February 2012

By: Blackie

Hi Mum!

Today we had a ride on the underground. It looks cool, and it looks like they love bears here!  :D
Look, they even have reserved seats!  :)



And of course, I payed attention to the sliding doors after seeing the warning!


We soon arrived to our destination: an art gallery. There was an exhibition going on, I didn't understand exactly what it was about, but there were a lot of postcards, and my host Francy loves postcard!



They all where from London. There were lots of types of souvenir postcards of London.  :o

Looks cool, mm?  :)

There also were some more classical artworks; I saw pictures by the Italian painter Canaletto...


... by Matisse...


... and also a couple sculptures by ths famous Antonio Canova!


As we exited the Pinacoteque, it was dark and very cold, and coming back home it started snowing, so I could have a couple pics in St. Charles Square with the snow.



We walked a lot today...  :rolleyes:

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Torino, Italy - 12th February 2012

By: Blackie

Guess what happened today?

We gave Trifolo a bath!  :p

He looked quite dirty, I asked him how it came and he told me something about a sidewalk in Budapest... I don't really know if I have to believe this...  :thinking:

I was a bit concerned about him being in the washing machine, but he looked relaxed and said he usually enjos having a ride on the rollercoasters...  :o


I don't know if I would like to try it myself, looks quite.... dizzling...  :stare:



But when it stopped and Trifolo came out, he was so white and clean and he smelled so good!  ;)


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Torino, Italy - 17th February 2012

By: Blackie

Today, we got mail!  :D

It was soon clear there was somebody in there... but this somebody was scared to come outside, so I gave him a bit of encouragement


So, here came Kazumi! She's from Germany, this is why my encouraging words worked just fine!  :rolleyes:



She came out of the envelope and showed us a few gift she had for us, including a yummy chcolate bar -can't wait to try it!


I introduced her to the whole family


I think we'll go on very well!


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Torino, Italy - 18th February 2012

By: Blackie

So, today is Saturday and Francy is not working, so she promised to take us somewhere interesting!
Kazumi and me had a quick breakfast before going out


As Kazumi really loves Japan, our host thought she might be interested in visiting the Oriental Art Museum! I was very curious as well!


Unluckily, we were not allowed to take photos inside... but we did steal some pics in the Japanese gallery!  ;) Althought, I was quite worried and tried to hide as much as possible!  :o




We spent quite a lot of time in the museum, and after we went sightseeing around the city a bit. We saw some ancient palaces and Francy told us that they used to be the residences of the Royal House of Savoy, who reigned over Italy from Torino itself!
She also told us something about those palaces being an Unesco World Heritage Site, but I'm not sure what this means...  :thinking:



I will search something on the internet about them...  :rolleyes:

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Torino, Italy - 22nd February 2012

By: Blackie

We got a new travel mate today! :D

Here came BatGirl from the United States!



She looks friendly, hope it will be fun to have her here with us! :)

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Torino, Italy - 25th February 2012

By: Blackie

Hi Mum!

Today we went around Torino to show BatGirl around. This means I saw everything once again! It was a bit boring at first...  :thinking:
But I got the chance to get some more photos with the Savoy palaces, this time with the daylight!

So, I saw again the Royal Palace....


... and the Queen's Palace...


This one is new instead, and it looks quite stange, but beautiful!  :)


We also walked to the river, to see the Gran Madre Church, and to enjoy the breeze on the brigde...  :)



After all this walking, we had a rest in St. Charles Square, the one I already saw with snow. Today it has shining sun!



In the end, it wasn't too bad!  ;)

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Torino, Italy - 10th March 2012

By: Blackie

Hi Mum!

I'm sorry I didn't write you earlier, but I really didn't do anything special lately...  :thinking:
But this is my last weeked in Torino, and Francy she still had one special place for me to visit


This tall building you see behind me is called "Mole", and we went on the top of it!

The queue to enter was more than one hour long, so Francy had plenty of time to explain us something about it. She told us it was originally built to be a Synagogue, but then it became too expensive for the Jew community, so they made a museum out if it. It now hosts the museum of cinema. There is also a sort of "urban legend" that Torino University student can't go on the top of the Mole, if they will they will never graduate!  :rolleyes:
Francy graduated one year ago, so no risk about it - but it's her first time to go up as well!  :p

Oh, finally it's our turn to go up....

... and here we are! Torino overview from the different sides! Do you think this makes me complete my first mission? Please say so Mum, I would be so excited!!!!





When we came out, the night was starting falling down, so I could see it lighted!


As we came back home, I had another surprise: I has a little farewell party with my mates, and I also got a cake!





Later on, Kazumi and Batgirl helped me picking a postcard for my next host, and I tried my envelope to make it confortable for the journey...



I will travel again very soon... hope it will be quick... see you soon Mum!  :)

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Torino, Italy - 20th March 2012

By: Cessy

thats great, thank you francy for helping
me to fulfill my first life mission.
yes, i have seen a beautiful city from high above  :D :D
i am very excited and will never forget wonderful torino

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Kerns, Switzerland - 22nd March 2012

By: dawoni

I finally arrived in Switzerland. I first sad "HELLO" to the easter rabbit!

fotoce 002.jpg
fotoce 006.jpg
fotoce 008.jpg
fotoce 004.jpg
fotoce 001.jpg

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Kerns, Switzerland - 24th March 2012

By: dawoni

Wonderful weather! I really enjoyed the wonderful weather and took a sunbath!

fotoceb 002.jpg
fotoce 048.jpg
fotoce 052.jpg

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Kerns, Switzerland - 24th March 2012

By: dawoni

As I said before, I took a sunbath. Suddenly neighbor's cat came ...and Sofia  and I ride on the cat and enjoyed together the sun!

fotoce 056.jpg
fotoce 057.jpg
fotoce 060.jpg
fotoce 061.jpg

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