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Travelog for: Cessy

Vienna, Austria - 11th November 2011

By: Cessy

here you can see where i am at home
and will start my journey  :D


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Duisburg, Germany - 19th November 2011

By: Lizzy

I have arrived in Germany safety. I was a bit scared because it was so dark and scary to be in this envelope all the time and this - I guess - afternoon, someone grabbed me and I was carried a few steps up.
I heard voices and then someone slowly opened the envelope. I was happy, that I finally was able to see something but at the same time I didn't know what to expect...
I climed out very slowly but there we two other TVs, who welcomed me! That was soooo nice. I didn't know there were two other ToyVoyagers! How cool is that!! They didn't know much about Vienna and so I told them, how it is to live there and they told me, where they come from. Sanji has been travelling the world for a while, which is very exciting! I hope I get to travel around as much as he already did!
We talked so much, that I almost forgot I had some presents for my host, so I climed back into the envelope and got the sweets and the card out. She was very happy about that and says "Danke schön!".

I'm glad I got here, but I was so echausted that I just fell asleep...

Bye bye!

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Duisburg, Germany - 26th November 2011

By: Lizzy

I'm having a great time here, which I'm spending with Buxi and Sanji mostly. My host had to work a lot during the past week so she wasn't able to take us out and take some pictures. But today we got to see a bit of Duisburg.
It is pretty cold at the moment, but still above 0° C so there is no snow yet... We went out for a walk around a beautiful sea.
It's at the "Wedau Sportpark". When it's warmer, they open the climbing park there which means you can climb up the trees there and make ones way along a rope through the park, which is very exciting I guess!
But sadly it is too cold already and so it is too dangerous...
So we just walked a round the sea once...
In summer many people hang out here because they scattered sand at a few spots, so you can just sit down in the sand and relax... We also did that ;)
http://kreativerkeks.site90.net/TV/Tradelogs/2011-11-26/DSC_0675.jpg http://kreativerkeks.site90.net/TV/Tradelogs/2011-11-26/DSC_0676.jpg
But it was very very cold and there was another reason we couldn't stay out there for so long, because we wanted to meet up with Lizas parents and walk through the city... It's christmas market time already here!!
But it was very full so Liza didn't take many pictures, because she was afraid someone could bump into her while taking a picture and one of us would fall down and maybe get lost or something... Thank god that didn't happen!
The christmas market was lovely, nevertheless. They put up some blue "trees" (they're fake, of course) and when it's getting darker, they switch on the lights and everything is so coloful then... Maybe we get there again... Probably... The markets closes on December 23rd, so there's enough time left. :)
We found a little chinese restaurant in the city and so we had dinner there. :)
Tomorrow Liza will probably meet a friend in Bochum, so I hope she takes us with her! :)

Bye bye!!
I miss you...

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Duisburg, Germany - 3rd December 2011

By: Lizzy

Today we baked some cookies! It was the day before the 2nd Advent and my host had bought some stuff for looooots of cookies. And we were allowed to help a little!
We needed the help of all 3 TVs in the house to roll the pasty so that we could cut out the cookies with the forms.
I had the best form! A little heart. I loved it.
This is just a bit of what we baked!! They are delicious! I love them!

Bye, bye! I miss you.

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Duisburg, Germany - 12th December 2011

By: Lizzy

Today was a very happy and a very sad day at the same time.
A new TV arrived at my hosts home. His name is Luk Zeke and he is a penguin.
He looks very nice, but sadly I won't get the chance to get to know him better, because I'm leaving Duisburg tomorrow and get on to Berlin. It's the capital of Germany and I am sooooooo excited! There'll be so much to see! Liza has been to Berlin in summer this year and showed me some pictures. It looks amazing and I can't wait to be there!
So I got into the envelope
http://kreativerkeks.site90.net/TV/Tradelogs/2011-12-12/DSC_0137.jpg http://kreativerkeks.site90.net/TV/Tradelogs/2011-12-12/DSC_0138.jpg
and tomorrow morning Liza will get me to the post office!!

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Berlin, Germany - 15th December 2011

By: QuamQuam


It's very nice here and I already met some new friends: two guinea pigs (their names are QuamQuam (brown) and Klea (black)) and another toyvoyager: CrazyEye. I think we'll have fun together.


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Berlin, Germany - 16th December 2011

By: QuamQuam

Hi Mum,
because the weather outside is terrible today, CrazyEye and I stayed at home. But we weren't lazy. We used the time to know each other better. So we played cards and looked at the Christmas decoration in the living room. Finally Marie taught us how to see 3D pictures in a magic eye book. This was one of the most interesting things I've ever learned!! To see the 3D picture you have to look "into" the design on the photo. If you do it right, you can see an elephant. REALLY :D
I like CrazyEye. We are good friends now.
I hope that you spend time with your friends, too


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Christmas market, Germany - 17th December 2011

By: QuamQuam

Today the weather was perfect. That was good because so we could go to the Christmas market. I was so excited!! When we arrived the first thing we saw was a very beautiful carousel.
The Christmas market was a big one with many carousels, lights, snack bars and especially many people. I never saw so many people on one place.
But the highlight was riding the big wheel. It was about 40 meters high and you could see the whole Christmas market from high above. CrazyEye loved it but I am a bit afraid of heights I think...
Later we enjoyed some "Mutzenmandeln" and we looked at different scenes from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
I had a great day, mum :D


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Berlin, Germany - 18th December 2011

By: QuamQuam

Wow, how fast the time passes. It's already the fourth Advent. I can't await Christmas! But before Santa Claus is coming, Marie has many things to do for school. Today we helped her and her friend to make a presentation about agnosia for psychologie. I found it very interesting because of the different kinds of this disease. For a better understanding we read the text: "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat". It sounds funny but I can tell you it isn't.
I'm very happy that I learn new things everyday.
Cessy :D


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Berlin, Germany - 20th December 2011

By: QuamQuam

Hi Mum,
I baked cookies again :). See how delicous they look. I'm sorry that you can't eat some of them because they don't only LOOK delicous... YUM


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Berlin, Germany - 21st December 2011

By: QuamQuam

Marie got her first Christmas present :D Her friend gave her little colourful marshmallows. They look so good :rolleyes:


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Berlin, Germany - 23rd December 2011

By: QuamQuam

YEAH!! Marie has holidays at last. One day before Christmas. She bought the last presents and took me with her- but without the camera :o. Yes, things can be really bad.
After the Christmas present stress I listened to Marie's favourite band: Wise Guys.


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Berlin, Germany - 24th December 2011

By: QuamQuam

Merry Christmas for everyone!
But especially for you, Mummy.
Before gift giving CrazyEye and I ate self made gingerbread and talked.
Then all got their presents. I also got one. It's a Santa hat. Looks really cool, doesn't it? My favourite one of Marie's presents is a big soft toy. It looks so sweet :rolleyes:. And she got clothes for a plush bear (looks like me in big :)) and many other things.
Again merry Christmas for you


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Biesenthal, Germany - 25th December 2011

By: QuamQuam

We went to Biesenthal today to visit Marie's uncle, aunt and cousin. They have a house with a nice garden.
After lunch we took a loooong walk around the "Wukensee". Although it was very cold outside there was no snow :(. But nevertheless Marie took some good pictures.


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Berlin, Germany - 27th December 2011

By: QuamQuam


Wow, we saw so many sights: "Weltzeituhr",  "Fernsehturm" (so BIG!), "Rotes Rathaus", "Marienkirche" and... no, this is no sight but it looks funny:)  "Berliner Dom",  "Spree", the "Brandenburger Tor" of course and the "Reichstag".
Did you know that sightseeing makes very hungry? At the end of the tour we ate very tasty ice cream.


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