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visit five states/provinces in north america (0/5)

travel down under

visit two countries in south america (1/2) (chile!)

visit european countries (9/45) (DE, DK, CH, LU, FI, SE, NO, RU, BY)

bake plenty of cakes and eat them all :o}

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Travelog for: napoleon

berlin, home, germany - 19th November 2011

By: orangesunshine

hello folks.

my name is napoleon. i am a small blue elephant. (don't tell your psychiatrist you have seen one. he might act strange ...)

i have around 43 g which equals more than 1.5 oz. my height is about 10 cm (3.9 in) depending on what hat i wear.

i do not fit quite well into a coffee mug. i have also tried stars and stripes: no way.

i cannot be wrapped into a dollar bill. everyone knows the size of a dollar bill, so i decided to compare my size with one of those.

here my uncle (left, larger) shows me (right, smaller), where he has been, and how the food and the beer was over there.

my uncle is a very nice guy. we like to play games, such as scrabble, very much. we are good friends. it's great to have him as my uncle.

sometimes we go on an excursion. here you see us in our "pool position".

today we have made an autumn walk to see the swans, geese and ducks in one of our lakes.

as always we have had a tasty snack. my uncle said "i always like november in november". a very good motto for today.

with my drink i needed some help. but, hey, what are uncles there for?

on our way home he asked me to pose in front of the real big ICC (international conference centre) ...

... and funkturm (radio tower). just to show everybody, that i am able to stand on my own  :)

time to go home. uuurgh - i hate riding in reverse.

this much of me for today. bye bye, hasta luego.

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berlin, our neighbourhood, germany - 29th November 2011

By: orangesunshine

hello everybody.

last saturday i have been on a short wal through our neighbourhood:

this is the tallest building in our neighbourhood. it's been unused since 2007 because they have found huge amounts of asbestos in it. at night you can see the lights are on. does asbestos need light?

next to it you find the old town hall.

there are also funny buildings in our neighbourhood. i like this one, because of its colours and shape. there is a bar and a gallery inside.

down there is the biggest shopping street around. what you don't find here, you don't find anywhere else. except for little fine boutiques but shopping centres.

our old post office. from here the stage coaches start to take me around the world.

so much for now. see you later, arrivederci.

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berlin, just criusing, germany - 2nd December 2011

By: orangesunshine

hi uncle.
yesterday and before yesterday guido took me on a ride around town in his car. well, i had to stay in the car, while he was doing his jobs - but it was fun to see some places in town, though.

these are the photos we made. see you  ;)

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berlin, home, germany - 24th December 2011

By: orangesunshine

our christmas party with all the plushies ...


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ahlbeck, usedom, germany - 1st January 2012

By: orangesunshine

last day of the old year: me and my uncle have gone to the island of usedom on the baltic sea for the change of years.

the last day of the old year certainly begins with a good and healthy breakfast.

then we have walked ...

... to the beach. it has been very stormy, so we had to stay quite close not to freeze.

believe it or not, it has scary beasts on the beach ... shocking!

the beach itself is very nice. i like beaches ...

... and fisher boats.

midnight with wine, champagne and of course those tasty pastry.


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berlin, home, germany - 6th January 2012

By: orangesunshine

"ciao napoleon"
my friends were really nice: each of them has given me some sweets ... but you know, i can't eat while on the way ...

my uncle told me not be afraid. better be curious! little rabbit said, he is afraid, as always. i.c. bear wished to go with me and play in the snow - funny boy, i am not going to the north pole. little bear has given me his chocolat santa. even count mount bat'n joined in and waved good-bye ...

it feels so good to have such friends!

bye bye everybody ... see you!

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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 10th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Hi Daddy, hi uncle, hi all folks at home!

I savely arrived at my hostfamily in Lichtenfels now.
My packet was carried in by a few little figurs, I didn´t know what´s going on. But I hoped, it will be good  :o

Then I heard that somebody scraped at my packet. And soon I saw a pecker. A big pecker!

It was the pecker of a penguin. Then I saw more curious creatures! All TVs that live here!
I climbed out of the box and at first I gave every TV a present. I had one present to much. That was for me  :D

I think I will like my time here, no worry!

Have a good evening!

Love you, your Napoleon


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message from home, germany - 10th January 2012

By: bears-and-friends

hey napoleon!
congratulations, you have started your first journey. how was it travelling in a box? be nice to thoses lovely tvs. we are very curious to read of your adventures.
bye bye and have fun. feel hugged by
teddy and the guys (greetings from your uncle)

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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 11th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Dad, hey uncle, hey the rest of the world!

I had a great first day in Lichtenfels. Klaus-Bärbel showed me the house where a few TVs live in. It looks very fine!
I sleep in the bedroom of my hosts. I have my own hammock! My first night was very good, I slept very long this morning  ;)

Tomorrow I want to stand up early at 5 o´clock. Yes, you´re right, 5 o´clock!!! But I have a good reason. I will go to work with my hostmum. She works in a kitchen and her job is to bake cakes. EVERYDAY!!!

So I come to her work and I will see, help and taste  :D :D :D
She said, I am allowed to choose which cake we bake tomorrow. I think, I can´t sleep :rolleyes:

Love you and the whole world!



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Hostmum´s work, Zapfendorf, Germany - 13th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Daddy!

What a great day! My hostmum wake me early in the morning. Then we went to work by train. She showed me the kitchen where she works. It is a really big kitchen with a big oven!
As hostmum promised me, I was allowed to help her with the cake. We decided to bake a cheesecake. I cutted the butter for the dough. I was astonished, that the eggs are in a package, we call "tetrapack". Which henns do that???? :rolleyes:

Then the machine mixed the dough. I was allowed to mix the cheese mass. Very exhausting, but hostmum helped me. To put the dough into the mold was my next job. Because of the hygienic I had to wear gloves  ;) 4 pieces!!!
Wow, this will be a big cheesecake!

When we finished we had to wait, to wait, to wait....

Ready! I am so hungry! But histmum said, we had to wait until the cake is cooled  :rolleyes:

We made another job the time. Put curd in bowles and put parsley on. Great job for someone in my size!

Finally! I was allowed to taste the cake, MY CAKE!!!

What a big piece! I think I will not get it! There is no place in the little Napoleon for the last crumb.

But ist was soooooooooooooo yummie!!!

Love you, dad!  :D


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message from home, germany - 14th January 2012

By: bears-and-friends

hello napoleon.

what a yummy big cake. typical you: eat and eat and eat ... lol. hush: you will bring home the recipe, won't you?  B)

the nice hammock makes us jealous. have a lot of fun. many greetings to your hosts and to you, your friends at home.

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Alone at home, Lichtenfels, Germany - 16th January 2012

By: Yosemite

What a evening, what a morning!  :rolleyes:

Yesterday hostmum was at work the whole day and hostdad repaired the tumbler in the cellar. We talked to the plushys living here what to do. Knabber (the big mouse in the cool pink shirt) had an idea! He knew that there is a bottle of mead (honey wine) in the storageroom.
We thought about to carry it to the kitchen. We had an idea!
We all helped together and it worked!
[tv]Fussel[tv] rolled the bottle into the kitchen. We built a lifting block to lift the bottle on the oven.
The dog Solvang tool the bottle on his back and so we could pour the mead in the pot.

Ooooooooo, it tasted sooooooooooooo yummie!!! :D :D :D

But: the day after was terrible  :stare:

Never ever alcohol... this week  :D


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 17th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Dad, hey uncle, hey the rest of the gang!

I am well again  :)

Tomorrow I will go to work with my hostmum one more :p

She said something that sounds like cherry pie :D

Love you,



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message from home, germany - 20th January 2012

By: bears-and-friends

hello napoleon.
look, what has happened to little teddy and how we have helped him out:


seems that you and the others have had a big party the other day.
by the way: have you eaten the cherry pie all by yourself? you grab-all!
we are all missing you. have fun!
daddy, uncle and the gang  B)

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Kitchen, Lichtenfels, Germany - 20th January 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Dad, uncle and the rest of the gang!

O, little teddy, I wonder how you came into the glass! :rolleyes:

Daddy, what do you think about me? I shared my piece of cherry cake, but look at yourself! ;)

We got a packet today. We wondered what should be inside.

Hostmum allowed us to unpack it.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy, the little Wavy Gravy was inside!

He showed us where he was hosted last. He spent a long time in Finland. He told us about his great time there.

Look, I shared my cherry cake with him.

It is sooooooooooooooo fine! :p

We welcomed him warm and I shared my piece of cake with him.

Do you want to have this recipe , too? Think we have a lot of work when I come back  :D

Love you all, Napoleon


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