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Travelog for: Teddy Roosevelt

Rellingen near Hamburg, Germany - 24th October 2011

By: Teddy Roosevelt

Hello! Today I were at home and met a friend. I sat on the windowsill, ate peanuts (I love nibbles!  :stare:) and hang out on the breast of a friend of my mom  ;)
Actually I want to have a girlfriend in my size - that would be wunderful!  :rolleyes:
I'm thinking of all the adventures which are waiting for me - I think, I can't sleep at night  :)
Good night!
Teddy R.

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Weilheim i. OB, Germany - 1st November 2011

By: Mischa_Viechal

Hello from Bavaria :)

yesterday Ive celebratet my first germanic Helloween party! It was amazing! Ive carved pumpkins, drunk some alcohol and had a lot of fun! I have drunk mead from a horn. But look at the pictures to see what kind of fun it was ;)

greetings from Mischa!


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Weilheim i. OB, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: Mischa_Viechal

Hey World :)

Im on my way to Austria since today. Hope I will have much fun there!

greetings from Bavaria


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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 7th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hello Mum!

I arrived safely in Austria today. I was really glad to get inside after the long journey, it's quite windy and cold outside!

And tomorrow is the Volbeat concert! It takes place at the Tips-Arena in Linz. I'll go there with Ulysses, my new host, her brother and some friends of him. Of course, we will take lots of pictures tomorrow, I'm so excited!  :p

But there are still 26 hours to go, so I will try to make friends here.

Mr. Cadillac was the first who said hello when I came into Ulysses' room and he gave me a bottle with brown liquid inside... Wait, is that Whiskey? I can't believe he wanted to share it with me! That goes straight back to you, sir.

Maybe I will also find a girlfriend during my stay...?  :rolleyes:

Can't wait for the next day!

(Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, those from the concert will be much better!)

Teddy Roosevelt

Ein Foto (Kopie).png
Ein Foto_1 (Kopie).png
Ein Foto_3 (Kopie).png
Ein Foto_4 (Kopie).png

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Linz, Austria - 8th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hello Mum!

Sorry for being late with my post.

The concert was soooo great! Volbeat is an awesome Live-Band!
Before the concert I was at Ulysses' brother in Linz.
After that we went to the Tips Arena :)

My favourite song was "I Only Wanna Be With You".
When they played "Thanks" some fans were dancing on the stage! I wish I could have been with them :)

Just take a look at the pictures, you will like them too!


Good night!

Yours Teddy R.

IMG_0025 (Kopie).JPG
IMG_0026 (Kopie).JPG
IMG_0027 (Kopie).JPG
014 (Kopie).JPG
015 (Kopie).JPG
016 (Kopie).JPG
017 (Kopie).JPG

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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 11th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Good evening, mum!

I'm really having a great time here, you've sent me to real Metal-Fans!
On the first picture you can see me with Metallica :)
Unfortunately not the real band... :rolleyes:

I was also playing Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and Sacred 2 today.

Ulysses had cooking lessons today at school and brought me some delicious apple cake :)

If the clock is right, I really have to sleep now! I can't keep my eyes open anymore...

I miss you a lot.

Best wishes
Teddy R.

DSCF0003 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0004 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0005 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0011 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0012 (Kopie).JPG

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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 12th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hello again!

We got up late today and in the afternoon we went for a walk outside to enjoy the beautiful weather :)

The rock which I am sitting on looks to me like a crocodile, that's why I took a picture there.

The building on the 4th picture is Ulysses' school. They are renovating it at the time but it should be done until 2013.
It's gonna look beautiful when it's done, I've seen a plan of it.

In the evening I got chocolate cake with milk :rolleyes:

On the next picture you can see a poster of Ulysses' favourite band Blind Guardian. I'm gonna listen to this later :)

I wish you a good night, mum!

Hoping to see you again soon
Teddy R.

DSCF0014 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0015 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0016 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0017 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0018 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0019 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0020 (Kopie).JPG

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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 13th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hi dear mummy!

Well today we were listening to music A LOT. I found out Blind Guardian is not really my favourite kind of music but I adore Alexisonfire. Here's my favourite song by now: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDZO5KihUbc][/url]

And we've still got sooooo many more albums to listen to! :)

Then, in the afternoon, I was playing with Dragomite and a friendly, infected human named Bloop. I love the sword!  :D

I'm currently searching for another place to stay somewhere else, because after all I would like to move on again.

Best wishes

Teddy R.

DSCF0021 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0022 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0023 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0025 (Kopie).JPG

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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 14th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hi mum!

Ulysses got a package today! Mr. Carrot from Erfurt arrived at our place. Oh he looks so delicious!  :p

He seems to like music as much as I do. I can see him sitting on the windowsill with huge earphones... Let's see what he is listening to...

Rise Against!?  :stare: I can't believe it!

It will be fun talking to him later and telling him about my halloween party and the Volbeat concert  :rolleyes:

With many greetings

Teddy R.

DSCF0028 (Kopie).JPG
DSCF0043 (Kopie).JPG

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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 15th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hi mum!

I've been playing with Mr. Carrot today, Ulysses had school until 5 o' clock. He's such a cool guy, I'm glad he came to visit us  :rolleyes:

Tomorrow we will go for a walk with him, he wants to see the town too of course.

And on Friday I will continue my journey! I'm really excited. Hopefully I will get to visit Japan or China someday :)

Good night!
Teddy Roosevelt

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Ried im Innkreis, Austria - 17th November 2011

By: UlyssesBG

Hi again! :)

Ahh yeah, sorry for the delays :S

I will be sent away tomorrow, and I'm off to Switzerland!

See you soon
Yours Teddy Roosevelt

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Thal, Switzerland - 2nd December 2011

By: KoboldJoe

Hoi Mom,
i arrived now in Switzerland after this long Trip, so  i am a little bit tired.
But it is so nice Weather and a awesome Mountain here, so i will show you some Pics from the living Room where i now living


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Thal, Switzerland - 14th December 2011

By: KoboldJoe

Hoi Mom,
sorry that i dont write a long time here. It was a little bit cold so all my Friends and i lay down in the Bed and are illy.
Buit now all is perfect :)
Yesterday a new Friend from so far away Australia arrived here. We make some Brownies for a little Party and today a little Trip to shopping .
I hope that now come many snow Mom. A few Days ago i see the snow and we went early in  Bed that we can next Day go skiing in the Mountain but we wake up early and all the Snow is gone :(

2011-12-14 16.12.16.jpg
2011-12-14 16.15.40.jpg
2011-12-14 16.41.48.jpg
2011-12-10 12.24.47.jpg
2011-12-10 12.25.58.jpg
2011-12-10 19.36.27.jpg

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Thal, Switzerland - 25th December 2011

By: KoboldJoe

Hoi Mom,
the last week was really nice, a little bit action but nice. Now it is Time to show you what happend in this Time.
It comes the first Snow and it is very cold :o
So i hope Mom you has a nice Time too and you are happy see now some nice Pics...
Tomorrow we start a Trip around switzerland and than we have a nice Party with Fire and many Peoples in Basel.
So i think than i can show you more nice Pics.
I love you and now it is stressless that i can write more :)

2011-12-21 15.37.26.jpg
2011-12-21 15.37.18.jpg
2011-12-21 15.38.38.jpg
2011-12-21 15.41.42.jpg

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Basel, Switzerland - 31st December 2011

By: KoboldJoe

Hello Mom,
we are back from a little Trip to Basel. We have there a nice Sylvester and  a great Party.
I hope you are not angry that i drink a little bit alcoholic Things :rolleyes:
At this Time we come back and there was no one Snow more and really warm...i am a little bit angry while we want to go in the next Days snowboarding but with out snow :(
so i hope you have a nice Happy New Year and i wish all good to my lovley Mom.
some Pics now


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