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Travelog for: Hanni

Home sweet home, Germany - 28th October 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hi everyone out there in the whole wide world,

my name is Hanni and I'm a little blue mouse from saxony. Some days ago I said "Good bye" to my friend Knut who has started his travel around the world. But I think it's also time for me to see the world and visit some new places.
But the most important thing of all is, that I have a big mission! I have to travel around the world because my adventures should be a present for Johanna the little daughter of my mummy! She is now 9 month old and when I finish my journey... my mummy wants to make a book out of it. Maybe you will help me! It will be great if you would be my new host, so please contact my mummy and help to make a great story for Johanna.

But befor I start my own journey I want to show you around, what you can see here in my home. Maybe you want to visit my mummy, because she is a host too. So you can also contact her if you want her to take your TV.

So at the moment the weather here in germany is very, very bad! We had many storms, rain and grey weather, so it was to cold for me to go outside. And today I was a little bit tired, because yesterday I came home late. I visited a bar with my mummy. We had a cocktail and also a cup off coffee.
*giggle* I steal the cookie of mummy!


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Home sweet home, Germany - 28th October 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey there,

guess what? I looooooove spaghetti!
I know, I'm a mouse and my favorite food should be cheese, but much better are spaghetti in every way.
On the photo you can see me, stealing some of the spaghetti from my mummys plate... but sssssshhhhht don't tell it.

Later that day I will go shopping, mummy needs food for the next days, because on monday we have a holiday called "Reformationstag". Mummy will cook her first duck, I'm very excited and will tell you how good or bad it was.

But now I have to take a small nap... good night!  ;)


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Home sweet home, Germany - 28th October 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey, guess what? After my nap the sun came out and I quickly ran out, to take some photos for my travellog!

On the first photo you can see the region where I live. It's really beautifull, the hills are great and now in autumn the leaves turn yellow and red. Nice to have a walk through a wood!

On the other picture you can see me, when I climbed up a tree, which has red leaves. This tree was a present from my mummy to her mummy... it was a big wish of her.

I can tell you, it was great in the sun and I spend the rest of the day outside.

And soon we will have a cool DVD-evening. We will watch together "Sherlock Holmes", eat chips and chocolate and have a nice evening.


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Farm, Germany - 30th October 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey everyone,

what a great day, yesterday! I visited the farm of my mommys mother-in-law. Mommy always loves to be there, because there are many animals like cows and the familypig Rudi.
But the coolest thing of all, is the tractor. He's big and loud and strong and I hope I can ride it soon.


I love the decoration of the house. It's a wheel and other parts of a carriage. They were used for a double team of horses.


Today I welcomed our first visitor. It is Pink_Bear who visits us for the next weeks. I hope we have a wonderfull time until I will start my journey in the big world.


I hope we can tomorrow visit a windmill... so wish us luck, that the weather will be tomorrow also good and sunny.

Your Hanni

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Home sweet home, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey guys,

I'm still at home, but the last days were a little bit boring. I still wait to start my own journey and so me and our guest Pink_Bear decided to cook together.

We choose a recipe with zucchini and noodles. It was so funny!


I don't know if you noticed it, but I love eating and so it was hard for me not to eat to much befor the meal was ready.


Me and Pink_Bear are waiting for the water to cook.


Yummi that smells delicious!


And then our meal was ready and what shall I say? It was so tasty, I ate two servings!
And because my stomach is full... I have to go to bed now!

Good Night world your

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Kottmar, Germany - 6th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello world,

maybe it is my last day at home, so mommy made a trip with me and her TV-guest Pink_Bear to the Kottmar. It is the mountain near the village Kottmarsdorf which Pink_Bear visits some days ago. But today we take a walk through the wood, but guess what we have found?


This is the fountain of the Spree, for all people who don't come from Germany. The Spree is the river which flows through our capital city Berlin.
But there are two fountains of the Spree, the other one is in Neugersdorf, but maybe Pink_Bear or myself will visit it.


This is me and Pink_Bear on a sign, which tells the "Legend of the Spreefountain"!
I tried to translate it into english!
Here, where today the spree-fountain ist, were many, many years ago moss covered rock and huge meadows. This was the home of the gnom Gerbod. Many little elfes saved the water wealth of the Kottmar and tease Gerbod with her singing. But the laugh of the gnom banish the elfes forever. Gerbod got mad and throw a spear. This spear drilled into the earth and made a new fountain. The little creek joint soon the Spree and the village Gersdorf was build there.
So now you know... Gerbod was the reason why the Spree has two fountains.


After we watched the Spreefountain we walked on and found another legend!
"The legend of the wolveshole"
Many centurys ago the Kottmar was a impenetrable wood, with dark holes where bears and wolves lived.
Die villagers were afraid of this animals, who threaten the people. So the villagers dig holes all around the Kottmar-mountain and covered them with rods to made ´traps for the villains.
So the wild animals wheren’t a danger for the villagers and the people in the villages had peace again.


Pink_Bear and me found such a wolveshole! I was a little bit scared to walk on it, but I'm not so weighty so I wasn't caught by the trap.

Mommy told me there are wolves in the woods again, but they aren't dangerous for people. They are to shy and don't attack human. Just the farmer who have sheeps are mad about the wolves, because they catch the sheeps and eat them.
I like wolves... maybe I see a real one on my journey!  ;)


The last legend we found was the legend of the crystal coffin at the Kottmarmountain.

In the wood of the Kottmar at Kottmarsdorf, near Löbau you can find in the morning a rock with a indentation, which was sometimes a door. Sometimes it should still appear today. In this rock there should lay a beautifull girl, named Mirinda in a crytsal coffin.
The only sign, which shows her body lays here are three little flames, which hopping around the rock in the evening.


And this might be Mirinda, isn't she beautifull?
It was funny, my mommy herself had never heard of such a legend.

But after that we had to go home. It turns darker and darker, so we had to leave the forest befor we got lost in the forest. At home we drank together coffee and ate wafers.

A nice last day at home... I will miss it!


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Home sweet home, Germany - 9th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello whole wide world,

this is me, Hanni again! These are my last hours at home, soon I will leave my mommy and make a trip to my first host Zandy. I'm so excited, but also a little bit sad. I won't see my mommy and my best friend (mommys little daughter) a long time!
I will miss them very much!


So now it's time to prepare for my journey, I hope I will not forget anything. I'm so excited!


Pink_Bear helped me with packing all my stuff. I will miss him, but I'm sure he will have a great time with my mommy befor he will leave to go to another newbie.

So good bye home!

Hello great world!


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Öhringen, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello mommy!

I arrived safetly! First I was a little shy, because there were so lot of voices outside. Slowly I crawl out of my envelope and look what I saw. WOW!


A Welcome-Comitee for me. Only for me. (Ok not only, there was an elephant on my site.) We all say "hello" to each other and intodruce us.

The elephant arrived with my today and he will stay some time with my here. His name is Ele. And there are two other TV, too. The monkey, in front of the comitte is called Elias and the men in the red suit is called Santa.


After all these I gave Zandy the surprise and my letter, she was really happy about it.


She asked me some details of my hometown, and I told her. Also I show here the pictures, which we take, mommy. She said, that she is amused to be with you in the round robin group and one of her TVs will come to you, too.
After talking with Zandy I talk to the other three TVs (you know, that I'm the sole women in the group? But don't worry, Zandy keeped an eye of me and the boys. *tihi*)


I found out, that Elias will leave today, also Santa. He's the one with will visit you, mommy. A nice guy. And I told hime some details about you and all the others. He can't wait until he visit you. (And he is very old, but therefor he is really fit.) And Ele is on his first journey, like me. So we are two newbies who Zandy host. But not the first one, Elias was a newbie too when he arrived a few weeks ago. And he told us, that he enjoy the time here. So I can hope, that we will have fun here.


And the minutes past. - We talk about one hour. I can't belive it, the time pass so quickly! And we must say "goodbye" to Elias and Santa.


Zandy allowed us to go with them to the post-office. But there were so many people, that we better wait in the car for her. Back at home we drink a hot tea and have a little snak together.


It's very cold outside, so the tea is really good. Mommy, I'm a little tired, so don't be angry that I leave now to relax a little before we go to bed.

Love your

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Stuttgart, Germany - 13th November 2011

By: Zandy

Mommy, you didn't belive what today happen. Zandy and her boyfriend have planes for today and we could go with them. They didn't tell us where we go, bevore we sit in the car. Look they showed us this flyr and than we know where we go.


And than we sit in the car and drove to Stuttgart. Not into the center, but to the airport.


Great. A little mouse on big tour. Ok, a little, big tour. *tihi*
Bevore we came into the airport area we must drove under the "Bosch car park". It's very big, look.


When I saw this I hoped, that the other one won't be so big. Because I get scary to get lost. But our was a little smaller. And we take care on each other. On our way, we musn't walk the whole way into the aitport. There were rolling ways. Like an escalator, but without stairs. Wohoooo! What fun!


Than we saw the big monitor which showes the whole flights.


I try to argue Zandy and her boyfriend to fly somewhere. But they can't becaus they must go to work. But maybe another day I will fly?
Than we take a walk around the airport and found a lot of things. Look here. Me in front of an airplane wheel.


And here in front of an propeller.


Good, that it dosn't work. Because than I will fly myself without sitting IN an airplane.
And here you can see me and my new friend Ele in fornt of a model from a Lufthansa airplane.


This could be the right size for the really small TV's. For me it's a little to small.
Here is an old airplane in a gaudy colour. It's nice, or?!


And than, in every life come's the time to ... go outside on the visitors terace.


Some minutes later there was an airplane starting. It was from Qatar Airways. It was very loud, but great.



Oh look. I'm a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very *take a deep breath* very, very, very, very, very, very strong mouse. I can push an airplane with my nose.  ;)


And after this first impressons I must take a seat. Thats a lot for a little mouse like me.


Zandy take this great picture of me and Ele outside.


Oustide were standing some older airplanes. Look, there was one in blue, like me.



Hello mommy! Can you find me?


And more old airplanes. Zandy's boyfriend like airplanes and he told us a lot about them. It was very interesting.


The greatest thing was the landing of the planes. Look here you can see me watching a landing. (Klick on the picture!)


And here you can see the airplane while the gate is docking so the passenger can leave the plane.


So and the minutes run. Two hours we were outside watching on staring and lading airplanes. And looking at the old ones. We forget the time. It was very great to see this all real. But than it was time for dinner. And we thougt, that watching airplanes ends now. But it wasn't so. We have a table directle in front of the window and could look outside on the railway.


The restaurants name was "Rad Baron"


Zandy told us, that the "Red Baron" was a fighter pilot during the first world war. His real name was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen. He was only 26 when he died. Ok however, it's a long tiem ago. Look what Zandy was eating. She allowed me to eat some, too.


YUMMY! Soooooooooooo great! Spaghetti! YIPPIE!
And after dinner we walk back to the car. But first look what a nice plant I found.


When we come up to the car it was dark outside. So we take this last picture. I'm in front of the lighted airport.


And now I'm so tired. It's time for bed. So I wisdh you a good night mommy.

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Öhringen, Germany - 16th November 2011

By: Zandy

JUHU mommy!  :D

I think it's time to write a ne entry in my Travellog. Do you rembember, that we eat at teh "Red Baron" at the airport in Stuttgart? Zandy told us some details about the Red Baron and Ele and I decided to learn more about him. So we ordered this book.


We read the whole book in one day. Here you can see us reading in the book. On the picture you can see Manfred von Richthofen himself.


And in the eveing Zandy want to watch a DVD. So Ele and I pik one out of her collection. And we take .... tatatatatatatataaaaaaaaaaaa.....


We thought if we learn, so we took the full programm. So we watch the DVD.




So mommy, that's all for the moment.
You will hear from me soon.

Bye your

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Neckargartach (Heilbronn), Germany - 18th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello mommy,

I write to you to introduce Amalthea. She is Zandy's new TV and very sporty. She try to argue me to do sport every day with her. But I think sport isn't for me. Bur we will see.


Here on the picture you can see Ele, Amalthea and me talking to the penguine, which is Zandys workmascot. She is always with Zandy on work. Because Zandy had a lot of work today, she can't take a lot of pictures. But this next one she take of us. You can see me in front of an water wall and my new friends behind.


And back at home we found this postcard on Zandys bed. We have a look at it and saw, that the card comes from Cornwall, the UK, wow. And than we read, that Hoppsi sents the card home. He is Zandys first TV. She was very happy. Maybe I will write some cards to you, too, when I'm on journey.

So mommy, that's all for the moment.
I wish you all the very best.
Your Hanni

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Öhringen, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello mommy!

So, now I have the time to tell you what we do last Sunday.  :D Zandy showed us a little of her hometown and a museum.

Look, here you can see me with the Öhringer Key (the Key is the city arms of Öhringen)


On our way to the museum we pass this fountain. But at the moment there is no water in it. But we decided to take a picture. Can you find me?


Yes, I'm on the left side of the picture. Here we take this picture, so you can see me and my friends, Amalthea and Ele, better. And of course the statue.


And from the fountain we only must go a few steps and we came up to the Weygang Museum


Mr. Weygang an his women were tin moulder. The museum was their home, when they lived. They have no children.  :( Mr. Weygang was a men who thinks, that the humans will know about their ancestry and history, so he collect some things. And some of this things are shown in the museum. And of course tin things.


Here you can see us in fornt of a chest from a baker (You see the prezel on it?). From this chest the employees were payed out.

And now you can see again the chest, but also some emblemes of the different guilds.


And than we saw this lovely men. A knight. Ok, not really, only a armour. - But I can dream, or?  ;)


The women, who showed us the things told us, that only the byrnie weighs round 30 kg. So the knights must be really, really, really strong man.

After than we went into the dining room. Look this chairs. I won't sit on this chairs or put it into my house. But other times, other way of thinking.


All the chairs have different grotesque faces. The lady told us, that the chairs are so to banish bad ghosts. But I think I get more angry about the chairs, than of the ghosts. *brr*

And here you can see me in the bedroom, there was a spinning wheel.


Oh and the lady tell us what it means to save something for a rainy day (Etwas auf die hohe Kante legen). The people in the back time have a roof on their beds. And they put thinks like bred or corn on it to save from rats an mice. I was a little bit sad becuase of this info, I'm a mouse, too. But the lady explain it to me and than I understand. And she also told us, that they put there some money for bad days. And therefrom the slogan comes. Did you know this, mommy? I not and it was great, to learn it, because we say it so often and didn't know really why.

Oh and they have a little room about the roman times. Because in Öhringen where two forts from the romans when they have build the Limes. Here you can see me in front of a modell on a fort.


And than it was allready late afternoon and we take a walk round the city. Here we found this statue. It stands in the garden of the museum.


We walk into the city centere and must pass this gate. It's name is "Oberes Tor" (Upper Gate)


On the market place is this fountain. It shows a men. I think it's a city guard.


And than I found this on a house.


Amalthea, Ele and I played a little in this fountain. Ok, normally it's a fountain. But yet is no water in it, during the winter.


At a toyshop we found this lovely model of a train. If you push a button it starts and drive round. So cool.


Aaaaaand we found the incline tower of Pisa ... ok, not really. But the incline house of Öhringen. Crazy isn't it?  :p


Oh mommy, and Öhringen has a  medicinal herbade garden. For all medical condition they have a herb. Here you can see me and my friends. (I hope you can  :))



I feel like a little herb witch, when I read all the descriptions. The people in the back time have really knowledge about different things. And today we go to the chemist's shop, buy some pills and pop them. Crazy! I think in spring and summer it smells very good there.

At the end we found this nice guy. The has a shiled with a slogan.

Stupid run, intelligent wait, wise go into the garden. ( I think that's the translation.) That was our tour de Öhringen mommy. I hope you enjoy it a little, like I enjoy it.


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Öhringen, Germany - 22nd November 2011

By: Zandy

Hey mommy,

today we grow up. A new TV arrives. And he has a lot experience of travelling. But he was ver shy and didn't come out of his envelope, so we look inside. Maybe he's ill and we must rescue him.


But no, all is good. And after we welcome him he climb out of the envelope. A cute little donkey, or?!


And we organize a welcome comitee for HolgiHH.


I'm looking forward to ask him some questions about beeing a TovyVoyager.

Bye mommy! Your

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 26th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello mummy!

I will tell you what I do at the last weekend. So sit down and listen...or better read  ;)

Zandy and her boyfriend decided to decorate for christmas. And they also must craft a Advent wreath, my friends and I could help. I was so excited, because I never have do something like this bevore, but the others told me, that this will be also a premiere for them.

Ele, Holgi HH, Amalthea and I have it really fast. Look this was our first creation. We named it "The real TV Advent wreath".


But Zandy said, that this isn't a good idea if we want to explore something in the next four weeks. She said, that we must sit there for four weeks, until Advent is over. And then we decided, that our idea wasn't so good. So we have to chosse some decorations. First we collect this branches of fir and plaed a little hide and seek.


Of course we all were found.


But it was really funny. And than we must help. So we search for more decorations. I found a lot of presents!


But nothing was inside.  :( Ok, there are some days until Christmas-Eve comes. Zandy told us, that maybe Santa will come and bring something for us. Now I must be a very brave TV. But I'm always a brave one! (When somebody is looking...*ähäm*)  :p Oh äh...Here you can see us four with the rest of the decorations.


Mummy, please tell my little, best friend: When she wants to craft a Advent wreath in the future, she must wear gloves! (and you of course, too!) The branches prick us all. But we are strong TVs and so we did it.


And after all we get it. The Advent wreath with all decorations. We all think, that it's a nice one for the first we craft.


So that's all for the moment!
Bye your

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 27th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello mummy!

I must write now from last week. Zandy was busy the last week, so we haven't got the chance to do the updates. But now you will have to read something.  :D

So last weekend was our crafting-weekend. On saturday we made this big Advent wreath, you remember? And on sunday we craft some strawstars. But first Zandy and her boyfriend were invited for lunch, so we had time to play a little bit. We decided to play with the truck of Zandys boyfriend. And it was a lot of fun. I was small enough to get inside the truck, but to big to sit behind the steering wheel, this was Holgi HHs job. And he did it very well.



Of course Ele and Amalthea drove with us, too. But they must stay outside the truck.



And than later Zandy and her boyfriend come back, so we could craft the strawstars.


First we thought it will be very difficult, because nobody of us did it before. But after a few minutes it was very easy.
Here you can see me and my friends watering the straw so that we could press it.


And than it was my time to craft a star. How I allready said, first it was a little difficult, because you must find out how to lay the straw in the holes and how to bind them.



Bevore binding my star looks like this. A little bit undefinable.


But after cutting you could see a star. And I like it very much. It has blue inside, blue like me. :D What do you think mummy?


And after a few hours we have a small collection of stars. Here you can see me and my friends with our strawstars.


I think it was a great weekend, we learned a lot. And it makes fun to craft something by yourself. It's great to see at the end what you have done.

So mummy, I wish you a good time.

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