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Travelog for: Squab

Prairie Mt., Canada - 14th January 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

This morning, despite the cold :rolleyes:, we went for a short hike :). Actually smaug was in early-morning mode :stare:, so we reached the trailhead and started going when it was still way too dark to try snatching any photo. Luckily, by the time we reached the top, there was at least a reddish glimmer of light that allowed us to appreciate what a nice morning it was :D.


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Barrier Lake, Canada - 28th January 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

It’s been a bit boring around here recently :rolleyes:. Nevertheless, even if the weather was not really good, today smaug took us for a short trip to the mountains :). It’s full winter and it is usually freezing cold, but sometimes it warms up really quickly and the snow disappear as it looked to be the case on the prairies :stare:.


Still Barrier Lake was still frozen solid.


As we moved up along the trail the sky was getting darker and darker,…


…so we found a nice sheltered spot where we could relax and top up the sugars ;) before slowly walk back to the car.


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Elbow Valley, Canada - 1st April 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

After quite a long time, today smaug took us to the mountains again for a short hike :).


Interesting enough, it looked like the snow was almost gone other than from the highest peaks :stare:.


We almost started wondering if summer was going to come early this year ;).

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Calgary, Canada - 2nd April 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Remember that yesterday we noticed that the snow was almost gone on the mountains? Well, it’s back :o, lot of it, in town too :rolleyes:!


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Calgary, Canada - 16th April 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Happy Easter :D!

Today we noticed that last night we had a fresh dump of snow :rolleyes:,…


…but luckily there was no reason to go outside since we had plenty of chocolate eggs that we could feast upon to celebrate Easter :p.


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Nihahi Ridge, Canada - 18th June 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went for a short hike near Calgary :). As usual we spent some time under the trees, but eventually the view started to open up :)


…and we got the first glimpse of our destination.


Much later, the view improved…


…and it improved even more from the summit :).


Still those clouds were promising rain, so we didn’t linger and quickly started moving back down the mountain ;).

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Mist Ridge, Canada - 30th June 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went for another nice trip into the mountains. As usual the approach was tree-covered, but once we reached the crest of Mist Ridge the view was great :D. We had mountains to the south…


…Mist Mountain to the west…


…more mountains to the east…


…and the Sheep River valley with even more mountains to the north.


We were surrounded by mountains ;).

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Molar Pass, Canada - 8th July 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went again up to the mountains :). Early in the morning we walked along Mosquito Creek, which was quite true to its name, so smaug decided to speed trough as fast as possible without stopping for taking photos and somehow we limited the number of bites we got :rolleyes:. Later on, we got out of the trees and the wind sent the mosquitoes packing ;), so we could take a look at the valley from above.


Eventually we reached our destination, Molar pass. The view from the west side of the pass was great :)


…but the view on the east side if anything was even better :D.


After soaking in as much as we could of the view, we covered ourselves with insect repellent and made our way back to the car trying not to donate too much blood to the mosquitoes :rolleyes:.

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Guinn's Pass, Canada - 19th August 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went for another nice hike. It took a long slog through the forest, but eventually we reached Guinn’s Pass, where the view was great :).


We decided to make a little extra effort and walked up the ridge east of the pass from where we could see lower…


…and upper Galatea Lakes.


On the other side of the ridge Ribbon Lake was just below us.


As we walked up the ridge we meet an unexpected friend :o. Landroval was flying in the area, spotted us and decided to stop by to say hello :D.


We had lunch with him ;), and then started making our way back.

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Calgary, Canada - 13th November 2017

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

October has been a cold one…


…so I was very happy when you told me it is time for me to come home :). Today I said goodbye to my friends here and got ready to travel :D.


Before I left sammino gave me a big hug and wished me a safe journey :).


And what a surprise, Landroval will come with me :D. He thinks I am bit short of exercise :rolleyes:, so he will fly with me all the way to Germany to make sure I am safe and then will go on his own way.


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Jeßnitz (Anhalt), Germany - 2nd February 2018

By: MA_17

Hey folks!

I'm back to Germany, finally home! My time in Canada was just AMAZING! But now I'm happy to be back  :rolleyes: Many things changed at home. First of all, I met my new Dad. He seems to be a nice guy. As Mommy had no time for me, he took me with him to work. I was allowed to share his car and I got my own seat with my own seatbelt.
Later when he had something to work, he gave me another seat where I could check out the area around his car.
That house where he was working in didn't look very comfortable and I'm not very sure if anybody should be there.  :o
While I was thinking about that house I heard a sound... Oh my! There arrived some police cars!!! Are they looking for my Dad? What has he done??? :o Or maybe they are searching for little Squab??? :o I prefered to hide myself somewhere in the car for the rest of the day.
When Daddy finished work, I asked him what he has done and if he got trouble with the police. He was confused about my questions! Later I realized that this house was not his work... He was working in a house on the other side of the car. Damn! :p :cyclops:



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Bitterfeld, Germany - 3rd February 2018

By: MA_17

Hey folks!

Guess what?!
My Daddy gave me my own computer! I'm so happy! It's so much better to do updates from a computer insetad of a pad!
I hope you will hear from me soon. :cyclops:

Yours Squab


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Home, Germany - 8th March 2018

By: MA_17

Hey folks!

Mommy and Daddy did some crazy stuff while playing their strange Geocaching. They brought home some sand. Here they added an ice cube. What the...?! :thinking:
Both were happy with the result. I still don't get it... :stare:

Yours Squab


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Freital/Saxony, Germany - 7th January 2023

By: MA_17

Hey folks,

I'm back!  B)
Did you miss me?  :cyclops:

I finally have time for an update as I did a journey with the family.
We went to a castle called Burgk in Freital/Saxony. There was an exhibion about teddy bears!

One of them was a toyvoyager, too. Ok, one of them and his twins. You can buy one, travel with him and send pictures to their home email address. We talked a while about journeys...

When I left the exhibion I signed their guestbook of course! That was fun.

Later we went to the playground next to the castle. The brat needed some fun and action.  :p

See ya soon!

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