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Travelog for: Squab

at home, Germany - 24th October 2011

By: MA_17

Hello world! It's me! Squab  :rolleyes:


During the last weeks I decided to leave my home and travel around the world. I checked the internet for new places to visit and I was really surprised how big this world is!

I want to see everything! Europe, Australia, Asia ... everything ... and of course: USA!


But before I pack my luggage, I'll enjoy the last warming sun of this beautiful autumn.


Yours, Squab

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at home, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: MA_17

Hey dudes!

Today I went to work with my mommy. I was too young to speak to the customers, but I was allowed to handle the keyboard and enter all important things to the computer.
Later they called me the "flower-chick", but I don't know why...  :p

http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/img2735d.jpg http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/img2736ua.jpg

When we were back home I prepared everything for Halloween. Oh how I love it.
Some people are afraid of my fave decoration, but he's a really nice and handsome guy, isn't he?


And of course, don't forget the pumpkins!!! Most important stuff during these days!


And finally it's late in the evening and my little "brothers" are awake.
Here you can see Boreas, the shyest of all. Look, he said hello. I think he likes me.
No he isn't a rat, he's just a cute mouse!


Yours, Squab

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Berlin / Z'witz, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: MA_17

It's me again!   :cyclops:

Today mommy woke me up very early and put me into her bag. Yeah! We're going to visit something. So excited!

We went to the TXL airport in Berlin. Ui, we are going to fly with a plane!

But mommy said no! She just had to buy something while I could watch the planes. Hmm, maybe I'm going to fly soon!
http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/03-1.jpg http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/04-1.jpg

Later she put me into her car. When I saw how fast she drove I decided to sit down and use the seatbelt!  :p
http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/05-1.jpg http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/06-1.jpg

A few minutes after we arrived in our second home the postman rang the bell and gave us a box. I opened it and saw Chrissy inside. I had to help her out!

I showed her my little town and our old power station.
http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/09-1.jpg http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/ma_17/Toyvoyager/10-1.jpg

In the evening I found a fancy cake in the fridge and persuaded Chrissy to eat it with me. We enjoyed it a lot. It was really delicious!

Lots of things happened today. I'm really tired!


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at home, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: MA_17

Hey dudes!

It will be my last update from Germany for a while!
Today a new tv arrived in our house! His name is Madison. My mommy gave me a big cookie as a goodbye meal. It was too big for me so I shared it with Chrissy and Madison. It was delicious!

These two smart guys cuddled me until I couldn't breath :p
Hope they'll enjoy the time at my home without me.

I crawled into my envelope. My mommy told me I will travel to California! It sounds warmer than here. amb167 invited me to celebrate Thanksgiving in her house. It will be my first Thanksgiving. I hope I won't be the holiday roast! :o

Yep, the envelope is big enough for my long journey. I'm so excited!!!

Now I'm off for a while and you will hear again from me as soon as I arrived in sunny California.


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San Jose, CA, United States - 14th November 2011

By: amb167

Hi, Mom! I arrived in San Jose, California today! It was a nice and sunny day, but a bit chilly. Maggie is really sweet, and she LOVED the chocolates you sent with me :) There are lots of other TV's that are visiting too. Jeremy is from San Francisco. NiliHH, Sunshine and Sheela are from Germany too! And last but not least is Salmonella from the UK. They are a very friendly bunch. I think I will like it here :)


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San Jose, CA, United States - 14th November 2011

By: amb167

Hi, Mom. Today was Jeremy's last night with us. Since it was a special occasion, Maggie's mom gave us some cake! It was delicious :) After we finished up, we all gave Jeremy hugs and told him good luck on his travels. I'm glad he gets to go home for Thanksgiving, but we will miss him!


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San Jose, California, USA - 19th November 2011

By: amb167

Today was very exciting! Maggie's first and most special TV came home! Her name is Gooble and she had been visiting fleursmum in Gisborne, Australia! She had an amazing time over there and she brought TONS of goodies back for Maggie :) Gooble also has a new friend named Squakers that she got at an aquarium. They are both really really nice and I am glad they made it home safe. I can't wait to hear all about of Gooble's adventures!!


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San Jose, California, USA - 21st November 2011

By: amb167

Hi Mom, today the girls were home from school since its Thanksgiving break. Normally they like to hold off on all Christmas activities until after Thanksgiving, but they were tired of turkey projects so we got started on Christmas ornaments really early. They know an older gentleman who enjoys wood working and makes lots and lots of cut outs that he sells at a great price. So we have bunches of things to paint this year, which made starting early a really good idea! Here we are with the before and after. Didn't the girls do a stupendous job?! After that the girls made a fort and us TV's got to play in it for a bit after the girls were done playing. It was a fun day :)


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Morgan Hill, California, USA - 27th November 2011

By: amb167

Today was really fun, Mom! We went to the movies :) Maggie's mom needed to pick up her car in Morgan Hill so we decided to go see Arthur's Christmas while we were there. Us TV's got to share a BIG popcorn and everything. It was a really funny movie and we all enjoyed it. When we were leaving the theater we saw a set up promoting the new Muppet movie. Maggie says we should all see that next.


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San Jose, California, USA - 27th November 2011

By: amb167

After the movies we grabbed a quick bite and then headed to Christmas in the Park. It's one of San Jose's biggest and longest running traditions. They decorate all of Cesar Chavez park in downtown San Jose with trees and lights and Christmas displays. Businesses, schools, council members, girls/boy scout troops and other groups sponsor the trees and decorate them so each one is different. We walked around and took pictures with a few of the displays, then we had one of the famous hot chocolates. It has hot chocolate (of course), whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, a candy cane, and a cherry with a little snowman decoration. It probably has about 1,000 calories, but it's a once a year treat and it is tradition :) Since it was soooo big, all of us TV's shared it. And let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS! On our way out of the park we took a picture with the serpent statue. It's for Cesar Chavez, who the park is named after. The people who made it say it's a dragon, but everyone who lives in San Jose jokes that it looks like a pile of poo, haha. But it is a San Jose landmark so I was glad to see it!


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San Jose, California, USA - 29th November 2011

By: amb167

Hi Mom. Today Maggie and her mom were checking out all of our TV profiles and saw that one of Sheela's life missions is to meet a dog. They felt kind of silly for not noticing that before, so they took some pictures of us with their dog Molly right away. She is a King Charles Cavalier, and she is super sweet. She's funny because she doesn't like to play with toys, not even fetch! She doesn't realize she is a dog, she thinks she is one of the humans. But that's okay, because it means Maggie never has to worry about Molly chewing anything up, like new shoes or worse,  a TV! Although Molly is very sweet, she wasn't very interested in having her picture taken today. Maybe she thought she was having a bad hair day, haha. But here are some of the photo's that weren't too bad. Hope you enjoy them!


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San Jose, California, USA - 7th December 2011

By: amb167

Today was my last day in San Jose. I had a lovely time here and met lots of interesting people. But I am very excited because I am off to Finland! Isn't that exciting?! I said goodbye to all my new friends and got into my envelope. Maggie made sure that I would be comfortable on my journey :) See you soon!


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Jyväskylä, Finland - 23rd December 2011

By: Nonnariina


Greetings from Finland! I arrived just yesterday and now I have some photos to share!

My host is Nonnariina and she was really happy about me and guess what? She said that I´m cute!

Tomorrow is christmas!! Oh, I´m so excited like Nonnariina:) I have some photos where I`m with christmas decorations: two little gingerbreadhouses and lights.
Sad thing is that there is juts a little snow here in Finland :( Nonnariina says that it doesen´t feel like christmas without a lot of snow...
I still got some photos of me and snow :p

I will put some pistures of christmastree tomorrow when we have decorated it.

I also met some other toyvoyagers: Peculiar and Mr. Carrot (Mr. Carrot is little bunny). We talked and they were very nice! We also ate gingerbreads! There was one heart, one women, one man and for surprise a shoe! They were delicious<3
I also met huge bunny with dress! Wow:)

Toady I learned some Finnish! Let me teach it to you:)
Christmas = joulu
Christmastree = joulukuusi
gingerbread = piparkakku
gingerbreadhouse = piparkakkutalo
christmas decoratoins = joulu koristeet
snow = lumi
snowman = lumiukko


Hello! = Hei!
My name is... = Minun nimeni on..
I = minä
You = sinä
I love you = Minä rakastan sinua
chicken(like me!) = kana
I miss you (as I do) = Minulla on ikävä sinua

So this was blog for today, wait for tomorrow!



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Jyväskylä, Finland - 25th December 2011

By: Nonnariina


Yesterday was a wonderful day!

I ate well:)
In the morning we ate rice borrige with cinnamon, it´s traditional Finnish Christmas food. Porrige was served from a large kettle and there was one almond hidden in the porrige. Person who will get an almond, gets a little present or chance to wish! Funny, isn´t it?

In the afternoon we had a real Finnish Christmas table.
There were
- a big Christmas ham with mustard,
- Karelian Stew (trational Finnish food http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karjalanpaisti),
- carrot and potato casseroles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casserole)
- potaoes and salad called rosolli, which includes boiled beetroots, carrots, potatoes, apples, pickled cucumber and often also onions.
And therhe were also a lot of different cheeses and salads.

As dessert we had gingerbreads, chocolade and Christmas pies, which are filled with plum.

Then we went to Christmas sauna! There people stroked themselves with some freshly-smelling birch twigs! They called those twigs "vasta" or "vihta". And they really hit themselves with it!! Weird I think, but I tried and it was quite nice! I have a picture of me and “vihta” and sauna. And one picture of me and Finnish children book: there is also sauna and some fictional characters stroking with “vihta”).

Oh, I almost forgot! In the morning we also went to Christmas church.

In the evening there was the most exciting and happy thing: Santa Claus came! Wow! I was so excited:) And guess what? I get chance to sit in Santa`s arms! He was so kind. I was a little bit scrared… Then we got presents and Santa leaved. And I also got a present! Santa knew that I`m here. So here´s a picture of my new wonderful scarf :)
It was long day and I slept well.

Today I have just relaxed and eaten more Christmas food:) and chocholate, of course.

I hope you are fine!


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Kauhajoki, Finland - 31st December 2011

By: Nonnariina


At 28 th December I travelled to Kauhajoki to meet Nonnariina´s grandparents! Kauhajoki is a little town in westside of Finland.
We travelled by car and it taked about 3 hours to arrive.

We visited a huge shop called villageshop Keskinen. It lies in place called Tuuri (in English it means Luck). There are only 500 inhabitants in this village.

There are many "world biggest" things in the area of village shop. For example there is a huge horseshoe monument, for good luck, of course.
I have also picture of shop...
In the dark photo there is the yard and house of shop´s owner.

If you want, you can read more here:

And guess what we found at the shop´s yard?! A giant red kicksled! Nonnariina lifted me to sit on it and took a photo.

I also saw a nice forest. There was many fallen trees, because there had been many storms in Finland during the Xmas time.

And I saw a nice country scenery, too.

I hope you are fine and I and Nonnariina wishes to you a lovely year 2012!



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