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To eat my sushi with original chinese chopsicks! :)

To warm the people in cold canada with my excellent shiatsu and yoga tecniques! :)

To crest a mountain!

To meet a real panda!

To make a photo with someone who does Yoga with me!

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Travelog for: Bruce Panda

at home in Graz, Styria - 26th October 2011

By: dani_claudia

He is still at home but his journey starts tomorrow  :rolleyes:
He can't wait to leave Austria and explore the world  :)
But before he is ready to start the big travel he has to organize so much things..  ;)


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Guararema, Brazil - 17th December 2011

By: brunochacon

Oh, my! After lots of days Ive finally arrived in Brazil! It was a hot summer day and as soon as i left the post office, Bruno, my host, took me to Guararema, the city his parents live!



Guararema is a country city in the State of So Paulo. Im a panda, and when he told me that we were gonna stay near the forest, I got so excited! I couldnt wait to breath the fresh air!



This is an eco-friendly place. They made all their xmas decoration with recicled plastic bottles. Bruno promissed that he was gonna take me to a tour in the next day, so I can see all the xmas trees! I have never seen how xmas looks like in the middle of summer time. hehe.


It was a long way, but the old road was so beautiful, I didnt mind about the hours... I saw so many trees and old houses. I even stop for a picture on the way  :)



Once I got at the house, I could see the beautiful view... Im so lucky I can visit Brazil!!  :D


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Guararema, Brazil - 18th December 2011

By: brunochacon

After a good sleep, I had the chance to explore Guararema. I was very curious about the xmas decoration.It was winter time in Austria - lots of snow and cold - and when I got in Brazil, they told me that here was summer time. Can you imagine Santa Claus with that heavy clothes here? hehe. That must be funny!  :stare:




In the city, they had a lot of trees. They were all made of recicled plastic bottles. I even found a snow man.. . Wait a minute! If hes made of plastic, how should I call him?  :thinking:



I also had the chance to meet the baby Jesus. He was in his crib next to the main church with his mom and dad.




Im having such a nice time in Brazil!!


Tomorrow Im gonna visit a beautiful park. They say that theres a tree called Garlic Stick. Yes, the tree smells like garlic. Can u believe in it? I must check this out!!!  :o

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Guararema, Brazil - 19th December 2011

By: brunochacon

Today I went to a park called Ilha Grande (Big Island). Its a very small island, but the biggest one in the city. Thats the reason of the name. hehe



Was not my lucky day and I didnt have the chance to take a photo with an animal  :thinking:


I could see the beautiful and clean river. People use to swin and fish there!





Can you see the black spots on the water? Those are fishes! Hum... I started thinking of sushi. hehe


Theres another bridge to the other side of the park!



Where they have a fountain! I made a wish: hope Dani and Claudia (my girls in Austria) have the chance to visit Brazil with me!


The tree on the back part of the picture is called Garlic Stik. Its a very old tree and it really smells like garlic. hehe. So strange!  :o


When you walk around Guararema, they have old pictures of the city in walls. In this one, they are trying to cross a car over the river in a time they didnt have a bridge. I think in the 60s...


In this one, they show how life was in the 40s!


Tonight Im gonna start packing again! Im gonna spend xmas in the USA! Im so excited about that!!!  :D

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Guararema, Brazil - 20th December 2011

By: brunochacon

Oh, what a beautiful sunny morning! Nothing better than taking a big splash at the pool! And, oh my! Is there something better than having these beautiful ladies next to me?  :rolleyes:


Even the neighbors were around!


They brought some beer  B)


Heres a pic with a beautiful brazilian bombshell Ive found getting a tan. Shes already my favorite Girl from Ipanema <3


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Guararema, Brazil - 20th December 2011

By: brunochacon

Tonight Im gonna fly to Disney!
My luggage is ready and Bruno took a movie for me at Blockbuster! He told me that the story is gonna inspire my trip... Im so anxious (!!)
He said that Im not going by mail, neither by plane. I overheard something about a balloon!! Yes, a balloon! I think hes nuts!  :o


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Orlando, United States - 21st December 2011

By: brunochacon

Wow! After long hours in a balloon Ive finally arrived at Disney (or at least I think so)...  :thinking:


Oh, yes! Look at this sign! It says Disney Street. Im pretty sure Im on the right way!


Let my good memories about the U.S. begin(!!)


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Orlando, United States - 22nd December 2011

By: brunochacon

After a long rest (oh, yes, I was tired of all the flight hours - about 11), Bruno said he was gonna take me to see a surprise! I thought he was talking about Mickey. But no... He took me to see Harry Potters Castle.  Bruno has never seen his movies. Can u believe in it?  :o
I luv Harry Potter! Wish I had a broom and magic powers!! Actually, i always enchant the girls with my sexy eyes... hehe



I really tried to go to his attraction, but there was a 3 hours line!! Maybe next year...
After that, we walked through the park. I went to Hulks rollercoaster ( a little detail: the rollercoaster broke in the middle of the ride and Bruno got stucked there for 40 minutes. He had to be rescued and promissed he would never come back there. hehe)



After Bruno got stucked at the attraction, a police officer arrested me at the park! And I got arrested for being so handsome... He said I was distracting the girls... Just kidding. hehe




I even had the chance to go to a psychic reading! She said that in 2012 Im gonna travel a lot and meet a lot of new nice people from all over the world...



Next time, I can come by mail to the park. Isnt that amazing?


Well, I better go to bed now. Tomorrow Im going to have so much more fun again!!! Im lovinit!!
(Is there something better than an elephant ride to get u home? hehe)


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Orlando, United States - 23rd December 2011

By: brunochacon

Today I saw the biggest dog ever!  :o
I went out for lunch and there he was!! Soooo tall. He told me that he belongs to Miss Betty Boop.


I had some veggie burguers for lunch!! They were so delicious, Ive ordered a hundred of them!!  :rolleyes:


And for dessert, an amazing milk shake with some american friends Ive made!


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Orlando, United States - 25th December 2011

By: brunochacon

Today is christmas! I wanna wish Claudia and Dani (my owners in Austria) only the best wishes! Hope they can have an amazing 2012, full of joy!





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Orlando, United States - 28th December 2011

By: brunochacon

Today, after a vegetarian dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, I went to Barnes and Nobles, a famous book store in the U.S. Bruno wanted to buy Snoopys Moleskine.


I was looking for some American History books when this beautiful american chick stopped next to me... OH, MY! It was love at first sight!


I asked her for a date, but she told me that she already had her own handsome and muscular Panda! I got a little bit disappointed, but the few minutes beside her made my best american love story ever!!!

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St. Augustine, United States - 1st January 2012

By: brunochacon

Today I went to an amazing beach called Saint Augustine. Brazilians always go to the beach at new year. Its like a tradition for them. As Bruno decided to go, I couldnt lose the chance to know a different place and got a ride with him!
First, we saw the old lighthouse!


Check out the black bird staying right behind me. hehe


The lighthouse is close to the pier and the Yacht Club!



I love boats and the sea life!



We also went to Castillo de San Marcos, a place where the soldiers used to protect themselves at wars!


The beach is good for surfing and water sports... But a little bit dangerous!




The water was SOOOOO cold, I didnt have the courage to swin.


Wish I could a buy a house and stay here longer...  B)


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Orlando, Florida - 5th January 2012

By: brunochacon

After an amazing breakfast (with milkshakes... hehe) I finished my newspaper and went to Disney!



As soon as i saw the parking lot, I started shaking... I was so nervous that I was gonna meet Mickey and his gang!


I started looking for Mickey everywhere! I though that he lived in the castle. But I was wrong  :(


Maybe he was inside the big ball at Epcot. Wrong again!


Inside the hat at MGMs park perhaps?.. No, I dont think so...


I decided to keep walking around the parks. Maybe I could find him at a gift shop.


Not even a clue about Mickey! I decided to talk to my friends from Toy Story. They are all toys and they understand my language better than humans. hehe


Oh, God! I walked the entire day and no sign of Mickey. But Im not gonna give up. Tomorrow, Im gonna start looking for him all over again. Someone told me that he might be in Mexico. Lucky me that Mexico is not that far away from the U.S.. Let me check if theres a plane ticket available for Mexico, so I can fly tonight.

Well, its getting late. Good night, everyone  :(


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Orlando, United States - 6th January 2012

By: brunochacon

I cant believe that Im Mexico! Its getting harder and harder to find Mickey!


Not a clue again.  :(
Well, at least, I found Donald. He said that Mickey might be in China  :o


Im getting out of money with all these travels! But Im not gonna give up! I wanna take a picture with Mickey so badly!!

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Orlando, United States - 7th January 2012

By: brunochacon

After hours flying, Ive arrived in China. OH, I MISS MY COUNTRY SO MUCH!
I live in Austria now, but I was born in a far, far away forest in China. I love the nature, the trees, the animals! But also the big cities, full of history and nice people!


I also love to meditate and practice yoga. Its good for your body and your soul.


As soon as I got in China, I made a call for my cousins. Some of them work for the Chinese Mafia (yes, I know its not very legal, but I was so desperate to know where Mickey was, I didnt mind about that).


When they told me that he went back to Disney that same day, I almost started crying  :(
I was losing hope. Thanks God my family was all reunited and gave me a lot of support to not give up my dream.


My aunt Chin Chu Li (she is also a tv) told me that there was a group of toy voyagers heading to Disney. They were supposed to meet Mickey and they could give me a ride back to the USA.
What a great idea she had!! When I met them, they were all packing to go!


Well, its getting late and I have all the way back to Orlando. See u again tomorrow, dear friends!

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