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Travelog for: Batty

Bochum, Germany - 24th October 2011

By: Tiffy

Today I was told, that I'm going to travel through the world in the next months, hopefully.
So I decided to take a look into Google Maps, to show my mentor Tiffy, which places I want to visit... and well. The result was, that I want to see every place in this wonderful world! xD



Well and as my buddies heard of my upcoming adventure, they've been kinda jealous... but I tried to cuddle them and tell them that everything will be fine and I'm going to take awesome pictures for them!
You must know, I'm the first Toy of them, who's going around the world!
So we decided to cuddle lots... cause we don't know when we will have the next opportunity for excessive cuddling ^^

Me and my buddy Teddy Bean

And me with my monkey buddies Bobo and Shufai

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Bochum, Germany - 25th October 2011

By: Tiffy

[font=arial][size=3][color=purple]Today I went out with my mentor Tiffy... we decided to have some fun in the town... =)
It was a real funny afternoon with Tiffy and I enjoyed it!
I'm sure I'm going to miss her, but I'm also looking forward to my new adventures!

This is me at the Townhall of Bochum... in front of it there's a huge bell. I think it's a million times bigger than me, it'd be a nice place to hang around at night, cause I'm a Bat... but Tiffy told me I shouldn't do that =/ Eeeegh! :D
Unfortunately it was a bit rainy today... so we decided to have a warm coffee at starbucks! =) Yummy!

This was soooo tasty, that I drank the whole cup! And the cup was as big as I am... now my stomach is full of crème brûlée macchiato!!

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Bochum, Germany - 27th October 2011

By: Tiffy

Today was my big day!! =)

Finally I started my journey! It was so exciting.. but it was also a bit strange.
Because Tiffy told me, that I'd leave by plane. But then she took me to the post office and put me into an envelope! oO
But okay... if this is the way of traveling these days... I'll have to accept that!

Before she put me into that envelope we bought some postcards of Bochum and wrote some nice words for my host in Richlands, North Carolina down! =)
I hope she'll like it!


And afterwards... there was the moment of goodbye!
It was a strange feeling to say goodbye to Tiffy, cause she always treated me very well... and now, we're going separated ways.
But I'll return someday, hopefully! =)


So... and now I'm on my journey to the US...
I'll keep you updated when I'll arrive there! =)

To be continued....

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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 16th November 2011

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!
After a LONG ride and then long wait at customs I have arrived!! I am in North Carolina!! I got here just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!  It was really great to get out of the envelope!  My host says thank you for the lovely postcards!!


There are two other TVs staying at the house right now.  One is from Canada and the other is from Germany!! It was great to talk to both of them!!


Our host dad is in the Marines and he likes to play Xbox (even though he is 40! haha)  Today he got the game he has been waiting for!! *Call of Duty*  we help him open it and then we start playing!




We are preparing for the big feast next Thursday!! Our hosts family is actually all the way across the United States in California so we wont be going to see them.  My host says that everyone in the world will be on the road and it is waaayy to crowded to even try and go anywhere!!  We will sit here and eat delicious turkey dinner and watch movies!!  hope you are well mom!! Im having a great time!!

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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 2nd December 2011

By: Pixiedustlady

I just downloaded all my Thanksgiving photos and now I am going to share them with you!! We cooked ALOT of food!! This is my host's favorite meal because they eat all the leftovers for a week!! Turkey Enchiladas are REALLY GOOD!! 

We got up really early and also had to wake up the lazy dogs.  Here we are trying to wake Thumper up.


Here we are trying to wake Sombrita up.

Next we headed out to the kitchen.  We pull out all our groceries and then go in the fridge to get our Turkey!!



Our host shows us how they *inject* the turkey with a big shot!!! It looks like the big scary ones that the doctor uses!! It infuses the bird with buttery seasoning.


Next we have to clean out the turkey and then get it ready to go in the oven.  It has to cook for five hours.  The house smelled really good all day long!!


Next we make a Corn Bread Souffle.  My host says she can eat the entire pan all by herself LOL it is really good!!


Now we start baking a Red Velvet cheesecake!!!


We go watch the traditional Macys Thanksgiving Day parade.  The parade is a BIG deal and they hold it every Thanksgiving on 5th Ave in Manhatten.  We like to see all the big ballon floats and the marching bands.


Our cheesecake is ready!!! We frost it and get it ready for later!!


Our dinner is ready!!! look at all the food!!




We had Turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, Deviled eggs, Cranberry sauce, stuffing, corn bread souffle, brocoli casserole, sweet potatoe casserole, hawaiian sweet rolls and red velvet cheesecake!!! it was very good and we ate waaayy to much!! hope you enjoyed the pictures!! I know you would of loved it!!!

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Grand Haven, MI, USA - 10th January 2012

By: kessalia

Hello mum!  I have arrived in Michigan!  I was lucky enough just before Sveni left, so I was able to talk to him for a bit before he moved along to his next host.




Then Mel took me with Sveni to the post office, and so I could get my first look at Grand Haven. 

Mel says it is very very strange that it is January and there is no snow!  It was a very nice day, in fact, Mel did not even put on a heavy jacket.  This is the Central Park of the town.


This is the new Ottawa County building.  It is only a few years old.  Grand Haven is the county seat, so it hosts the police and courts and legislature for the surrounding areas.  There is a City Hall down the road for local things.


It sounds like I will have some fun things to do and see while I am here, I hope to have a lot of fun!  Hopefully we will get some snow soon, too!  Though if it doesn't, maybe I could get to the beach....

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Grand Haven, MI, USA - 15th February 2012

By: kessalia

Hello!  Guess what?  I have a new friend!  His name is Tatanka.  He arrived the other day, just before my friend Willy_W left to go back to Germany.


Before he left, we all got antiquated, and had a nice relaxing afternoon writing postcards, eating snacks, and watching TV.


Then we went out for dinner, and saw the harbor.  This is the grand River, and far in the background you  might be able to see the pier where it joined Lake Michigan.


This morning was the day after Valentine's Day.  Mel had no sweetheart to celebrate with, but she did decide to celebrate Cheap Chocolate day and Discount Flower Day!  Hmm, which roses should we choose?  So many pretty colors!


The candy was also on sale, though we were good and only got one bag.


Fat Tuesday is coming up, I guess?  Have you ever had Packzis? 


Then we had to go and get some things for dinner tonight.  So many pretty colors of peppers!  Too bad Mel doesn't like peppers.  She got tomatoes and lettuce instead.  But they weren't as colorful.


We had snow a couple of days ago, but it is all melting today.  What a strange Winter here in the USA!  I hear t is strange at home too, but not in as nice a way.  Stay warm!  I miss you!  :)

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Chicago, IL, USA - 21st March 2012

By: kessalia

Mel took madison on an overnight trip to Chicago for her birthday, and we got to come along!

We saw a play for children, and then took the train downtown, where we walked to the museum area.  Chicago is famous for it's skyscrapers!


We also found these scuptures in a park.  What funny looking people!


The Sear's Tower is on the left here, it was the world's tallest building for many years!


Of all of the museums, Madison chose the Shedd Aquarium.  The light wasn't good for photos, but I did one one with a Beluga Whale!  The are so graceful in the water.


Here is another with tatanka and I were you can see the whale even better!


It was a fun day!  :D

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Oberaurach, Germany - 21st May 2012

By: beelicious

Hello mum!

Good news! I'm back in Germany!


Here are three another TV's: Bobi, Buddy and Tokki.

My hostmum says that we go to a beautiful city tomorrow. I'm so excited!


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Wuerzburg, Germany - 23rd May 2012

By: beelicious


Today we made a little trip  to Wuerzburg.

This is the "Residenz" and....

the "Franconia fountain".

Behind me the fortress "Marienburg".

This is the pilgrimage church "Maria Heimsuchung" but all say "Kaeppele" ("little church").

Then we went to the "Steinburg".
From there I have a fantastic view over Wuerzburg.


When we were at home again there was an envelope. A new TV?

Who's inside?

Look! It's Leooo! He looks very nice and a little bit crazy. He is from the netherlands.

Kind regards,

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Oberaurach, Germany - 31st May 2012

By: beelicious

Dear Mummy!

Today there was an envelope in the mailbox ...

All TV's are curious who's comes...


Look! It's Kasimir Kashmir! We welcome him very friendly - group hug!

Kind regards,

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Oberaurach, Germany - 5th June 2012

By: beelicious

Hey mum!

Today we made a short trip to Bamberg.

On the way to Bamberg we met sheep.

On the hunter seat we keep on lookout for forest animals.

Isn't that a beautiful poppy field?

This is the "Altenburg". The highest point in Bamberg.

It's starts to rain....

Because the rain was very strong we returned home...


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Oberaurach, Germany - 6th June 2012

By: beelicious


A new envelope? Who might be inside?

We're very excited!

Look! It's Hippy from England!
We give him a warmly welcome!

But today we not only say "welcome",  we say "goodbye" too.
Buddy is leaving us. He travels back to Switzerland. Good luck Buddy!


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Oberaurach, Germany - 8th June 2012

By: beelicious

Hello mummy!

Today is the day: The soccer European championship begins!

I print a couple of flags....


cut them out....

and make small flags.



My hostmum made for us TV a little Fan-sofa. Now it can start!


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Oberaurach, Germany - 9th June 2012

By: beelicious

Today I watch the game between Germany and Portugal.

Goal for Gemany  :cyclops:!

Final result 1: 0 . Germany  wins!


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