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Send a postcard from minimum the half of my destinations to my family in Germany

Visit all 16 capital citys of my home country Germany (4 of 16)

Visit minimum five of seven new wonders of the world an take a picture with them

Vistit as many as possible Hard Rock Cafes/Casions/Hotels in the world

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Travelog for: Hoppsi

Íhringen, Germany - 24th October 2011

By: Zandy

YIPPEE! YIPPEE! YIPPEE! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm the happiest rabbit all over the world! (Mayby  ;))

Now I'm old enough to travel round the world. And I will do it. I will see all countries, buildings, people, religions, cultures and and and ... everthing! YIPPEE! YIPPEE! YIPPEE!


I'm sorry for my behavior, but ... I'm so excited and I just can't hide it ... Ok, that's from a song, but it apply to my feeling. I'd like to hug the whole world and above my mummy, that she allowed me to travel rount the world. ... Hmmm this remind me another song: And I like it! I like it! I like it! I like it! I li-li-like it li-li-like here I go! Rocking all over the world!  ;)

You see, with me it not will be boring. No kidding! I hope you will be my host for some days or weeks. I'm very very very sweet-natured, not only a crazy rabbit. You can see it on the photo I take for you all. I pick up all the roses for you an arrange them for you all.

Hope to her from you or better: see you as soon as possible.

Hugs and Kisses Hoppsi


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Íhringen, Germany - 24th October 2011

By: Zandy

Hello ... It's cold outside, but I went out to take some pictures
of my hometown. Not many, but some. More you can see, if you visit
my lovely hometown yourself. (My mentor is waiting for you!  B))

Behind me you can see a little of the Stiftskirche St. Peter and Paul
(left tower) and a tower of our castle (tower right)

And not I must limber up. I sould drink a tea. But which one? Oh, my mentor has a big assortment.

See you later alligator...*sing*


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Íhringen, Germany - 25th October 2011

By: Zandy

Juhu @ all! I'm writing again.  ;)

My mentor take me to a cardrive today and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it, because I have a good companion with "Schutzengel". He sit in the car of my mentor and pay attion of her, when she is driving. Here are a Picture from me in the car and from "Schutzengel".

Now I must fly, but I will write later more. I have a little tour in Íhringen and I will show you some impressions.



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Íhringen, Germany - 25th October 2011

By: Zandy

Ok I'm back and now I will give you some Impressions from my hometown Íhringen. To take the pictures I go for a walk with my mentor and Quini. Quini is a Cairn Terrier and she is lovely.


I will miss her, when I go on my journies. But she and all others will be in my heart. We walked to our park which has a litte zoo. We have Kangaroos in it, but today it was to cold, so we didn't any of them. But I wish I can see some in australia, when I go there on time. On the next Picture you can see the Tower of our church "Stiftskirche" which I posted yesterday night.


Oh and the next one shows you a very very very importand person of Íhringen. He's called Hamballe. Hmm like to discribe in English what this means? I try: By us in Hohenlohe Hamballe is the description for a loveable, but also silly human. - Like you see on the picture. He water flowers although it's raining. (I like him!  ;))


Now you will see me on a red bench, there are more in Íhringen. It was a projekt from someone. An there always funny phrases on it. When i translate they won't be so funny I think. But I make it for you: "During the witching hour: Booked for Fridolin, the litte castleghost." (Good, that it wasn't witching hour when I take the photo  :D)


After the seat I climbed up the ballustrade of the Stiftskirche (I'm a strong rabbit  :))


And then we go a little shopping and walk home. It's dark allready:



Ok, now I tell you enought for today. I hope you arent't bored. Now I must crochet a scarf for me and arrange all for my first travel. But more tomorrow.  B)

Hugs yours,

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Íhringen, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: Zandy

HEEEEEEEELPPPPPP!!!! Oh dear! Yesterday I told you, that I will crochet a scarf for me. I did it .... but .... I have a little Problem with it. A little ... First it was very easy ...


... But than I lost my concentration and the Problem beginns ... A little Problem ... very little ...


Mommy laugh at me an take those picture, that makes me first angry. But than she help me out of this mess and show me the picture. I must laugh, too. I look really laughable and I wasn't angry anymore. After that she helps me a little and today at the morning it was ready and I test it. I love the scarf. It's so colourful and pretty and nice. Isn't it?


And than we drive to the place of work of my mentor. But for this I will write another Log, because it's in another Place.  ;)

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Neckargartach (Heilbronn), Germany - 26th October 2011

By: Zandy

So, let's work. Hehe ... Ok, Mommy works and I look how she did it and have a lot of fun. But I have to be quitly, because she have to phone with customers and they are visiting the hall, too. I was     crayoning with my friend Pinguine. She is a pink penguin, what her name allready says, and lies at work by my mentor where she helps her. But look at our nice pictures.


And when the situation at work gets better, not so a lot of customers, Mommy allowed us to help her with the work on her PC. But we think, that it is better to look at the background of her desktop.


She told me, that this is Pisa, where she was on holiday this year. And so I began to dream about my travel and I hope, that I will see the Tower of Pisa too on my journey.

At closing time we have a surprise for Mommy. We lied at the copier and make this:


It was very funny, when se looks what there is for a paper in it. She look at uns first cross. And we had a bad conscience. I said to her "Don't be cross with us!" And than she smile and caress us. So we where happy.

There's a very nice place at her work. They have two water walls with lights. One is blue and the othe ris red. But the blue one is empty at the moment and so we take a picture behind the red one.


And after that we switch off the lights, close the doors and drive back home. Now I must pack off for my first trip. See you later, I will report you from this.

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Íhringen, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: Zandy

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh .... I'm so happy and so excited, you can't belive how muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!

I packed my things which I want to take with me. There are my colourful, selfmade scarf and a toothbrush. I think that this is enough. The rest may my host have.


After packing I watch one of my favorite series with my Mommy. We love to watch this (an other series also). But Hogan's Heroes are one of our favorites. We saw every episode about a thounsend times, but we laught every time we watch it.


And about 5 episodes later it was time to say goodbye, my first Host ScillyHH is waiting for me. I'm a bit melancholy, but not only I. My Mentor is it, too. And Quini ... See yourself.


She's sitting in front of the door, when I want to go out the last time with her. She won't let me go. But I want do this, I will be a ToyVoyager and so I must go, but I will write so often I can the log. So everbody at home can see what I'm doing and they will see, that I'm happy and everything is ok.


So, now I have all the things and I'm in the envelope. Now I thing, that it's good that I practice to pipe down.  ;)


ScillyHH I'm comming! See you soon!
At all others: Keep stiff upper lip! (No, not this from AC/DC ;)) The next Time you will hear from me, when I'm in Hamburg! YEY!!!!!

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Hamburg, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: ScillyHH

Yippy Yeah.... I arrived in Hamburg.
First I heard a voice "post for you!" and then my envelope was opened. First I was a litle bit shy. A rabbit lady and a bear were looking at me.


We introduced us to each other. The rabbit lady is called Clairchen. I'm happy to have a fellow rabbit here. The bear is Lewis HH who comes from Scotland.  Both are very kind.



We had a late breakfast. I took a cup of hot tea to warm me up after a night in the german post. We talked a lot about being a ToyVoyager. And Clairchen and Lewis wanted to know everything about me.


Now I'm looking forward to explore Hamburg.

All the very best

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Hamburg, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: ScillyHH

Hi mum,

I love my new life as a ToyVoyager!  :D
I have two new friends and will expore so many places in the next time.
This afternoon Clairchen and Lewis were going with me into the citycenter. For the first time in my life I used the rapid transit railway.



But no worry! I wasn't alone. Clairchen and Lewis came with me  :D


Look, what a welcome for me in Hamburg!


First we did go to the famous Jungfernstieg.


See me in front of the NIVEA house.


Even in autumn the people are sitting outside and eating icecream.




This is the famous Alsterhaus, a big store. Look how athletic I am  ;)




This is the biggest Apple store in Germany.


This is the Hotel "Four Seasons" next to the Jungfernstieg. I'm happy to have my friends so I don't need a Hotel.


Wow, they even have a doorman.


The Jungfernstieg is situated on a lake called Binnenalster. See me in front of the lake.





There are some boats on the Alster to make trips through Hamburg. Today we hadn't time but perhaps in the next weeks....




In the evening I was very tired. Scilly even had a night light for me.


This was an exciting day. I'm looking forward having a great time in Hamburg.

Good night
Yours Hoppsi

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Hamburg, Germany - 30th October 2011

By: ScillyHH

Hi mum,

the weather was not so good today. We decided to stay at home and bake a lemon cake for Scillys colleagues.

See us with this very long recipe! Puh, very long for a small rabbit like me  :(

Scilly gave us all the ingredients and than we started with the dough. Puh, hard to stir the dough.

Here I'm looking for the cake in the oven.


Scilly allowed me to put some shortbreads on the cake.


Finally the cake is ready! See us with the whole cake! This should be enough for Scillys colleagues! Perhaps we can try a piece?  ;)

Yippy Yeah, yes I got the first piece. And it's delicious!!!!


Scilly said I'm a great talent and we will bake some chrismas cooky soon.  :D

All the very best

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Hamburg, Germany - 3rd November 2011

By: ScillyHH

Hi mum,

I have a great time in Hamburg. It is a very nice city. Today Clairchen und Lewis showed me the city hall. Wow, its nearly a palace.  :D

Can you see the city hall behind me?

This is a lock next the city hall.

I love Hamburg too  ;)

This is the beautiful city hall. Clairchen told me, that the mayor has his office in the first floor (the window on the right side).


It was possible to visit the entrance hall.

The city hall has a courtyard with a nice fountain.

Can you see me on the fountain?


See me with my new friends Clairchen and Lewis in front of the stony lion. He has to guard the entrance of the courtyard  ;)

I'm looking forward to my next adventure in Hamburg.

All the very best

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Hamburg, Germany - 5th November 2011

By: ScillyHH

Hi Mum

Today we visited one of the oldest parts of Hamburg.
See me in front of the Nikolaifleet. It's a town canal where in former centuries boates were unloaded and loaded. Even now you find many old timbered houses on the canal. Many tradesmen lived and worked in these houses.



I especially like this old house. It's beautiful, isn't it?

See me with my new friends Clairchen and Lewis.

In the background you can see a part of the "Elbphilarmonie". When it is finished it will be a music hall. Scilly promised that we will visit the Hafencity and the Elbphilarmonie during my stay  :D

Near the Nikolaifleet are some old restaurants and shops.




See me inside a small shop.

Tomorrow Clairchen and Lewis have a big surprise for me. I'm very curious. What could it be??? Perhaps a giant carrot for me? Or a boat trip on the river Elbe? I can't await it :cyclops:

All the very best

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Hamburg Airport, Germany - 6th November 2011

By: ScillyHH

Hi mum,

Tonight I'm writing you full of excitment.
We visited the airport and saw the aeroplanes lifting off to all over the world. I thought it would be great to fly.

Then Scilly told me the great surprise: Next friday we are flying to London and then riding on a train to Cornwall. Yeah, my first flight. Now I'm feeling like a professional TV.

Look mum, I've already found my BA-flight 963 on the monitor.


I wanted to start packing right away but Scilly said Thursday evening would be early enough.

All the very best

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St Ives, Cornwall, Great Britain - 11th November 2011

By: ScillyHH

Hi mum,

my first flight and my first travel to a foreign country!!! I was soooooo excited, I couldn't sleep last night. I'm very happy to b together with my friends Clairchen and Lewis and also with Scilly and Richy .
At 5.30 a.m. we had to leave for the airport. I already knew the airport. But this time I would fly  B)
See me on the airport a few minutes before boarding the plane.

After boarding we searched our seats.

Flying is amazing. The view!!! Fantastic!!! B) After foggy Hamburg we saw the sun and the moon over the clouds!


In London we had to go to Paddington station. See me at Paddington.

We took the 10.06 service to Penzance. It was a very comfortable train ride. See me with Clairchen and Lewis, we had our own seat.


We arrived St Ives at 3.31 p.m. It's beautiful here. My first view was Porthminster beach with some palm trees! Amazing!

On our way to our holiday apartment we saw the harbour. 

At last we arrived in the holiday apartment - very nice. Clairchen, Lewis and I have our own chair.

Now I'm very tired. I'm looking forward exploring Cornwall in the next days.

All the very best

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St Ives, Cornwall, Great Britain - 12th November 2011

By: ScillyHH

Hi mum,

It's unbelievable! We are in England and we have 16 degrees Celsius and so much sunshine in November!
We decided to enjoy the good weather at the beaches of St Ives. There are 5 of in town!
First we visited Porthgwidden beach near our holiday apartment, a small one with a nice cafÚ.



Here we are at Bamaluz beach the smallest one. This one disappears at high tide.


I like the harbour very much with the colorful boats.







Tomorrow I will have my first Sunday Roast Lunch in a small pub. English food - I'm very curious. Will I like it?

All the very best

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